Re: Supreme Court Commission on the Rules of Professional Conduct

The Supreme Court has created the Supreme Court Commission on the Rules of Professional Conduct, chaired by retired Supreme Court Justice Stewart G. Pollock. Members include Retired Supreme Court Justice Alan B. Handler, appellate and trial judges, distinguished members of the legal and academic communities and the public. The commission is charged with reviewing New Jersey's legal profession's standards of professional conduct in the context of the report recently presented by the American Bar Association's Ethics 2000 Commission.

The Commission will review the Ethics 2000 Commission report and make recommendations based on the report as well as on issues regarding multijurisidictional and multidisciplinary practice, and other significant contemporary ethical issues affecting the practice of law in New Jersey. Two such issues concern whether the present rules governing an appearance of impropriety should be retained and whether the disqualification of a municipal prosecutor from criminal defense work should extend to members and associates of the prosecutor's law firm. In addition to meetings at the subcommittee level, the Commission will meet as a whole and, at an appropriate stage in the process, it is anticipated that the Commission will conduct public hearings on issues that confront it. The inaugural Commission meeting is scheduled for February 8th.

Stephen W. Townsend, Esq.
Clerk of the Supreme Court
Dated: February 7, 2001


Justice Stewart G. Pollock (Ret.), Chair
Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP

Thomas F. Campion, Jr., Esq., Vice Chair
Drinker Biddle & Shanley LLP

Hon. Carmen H. Alvarez, J.S.C.

Professor Michael P. Ambrosio
Seton Hall Law School

Frederic K. Becker, Esq.
Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer

Richard L. Bland, Jr., Esq.
Assistant Essex County Prosecutor

Hon. Rudy B. Coleman, J.S.C.

Clement J. Farley, Esq.
McCarter & English

Rev. David I. Fulton

Mary Jean Gallagher, Esq.

Justice Alan B. Handler (Ret.)
Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer

Hon. Katharine S. Hayden, U.S.D.C.

Cnythia M. Jacob, Esq.
Collier Jacob & Mills, PC

Peggy Sheahan Knee, Esq.
Knee Law Firm, LLC

Professor John D. Leubsdorf
Rutgers Law School, Newark

Joel A. Leyner, Esq. Chasan Leyner Bariso & Lamparello, PC

Kevin H. Michels, Esq.
Michels & Hockenjos, PC

Melville D. Miller, Jr., Esq.
Legal Services of New Jersey, Inc.

Hon. Sylvia B. Pressler, J.A.D.

Raquel Romero, Esq.

Assoc. Dean Jack Sabatino
Rutgers Law School, Camden

Justin P. Walder, Esq.
Walder Sondak & Brogan, PA

Hon. Dorothea OC. Wefing, J.A.D.

E. Ronald Wright, Esq.
New Brunswick

Keith M. Endo, Counsel
Counsel to the Commission
Hughes Justice Complex
PO Box 037
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0037

Notices to the Bar