RE: Civil Best Practices Trial Information Statements and Orders Extending Discovery

The Conference of Civil Presiding Judges has asked that the following reminder be published, to assist in the uniform implementation of civil best practices.

Pursuant to R. 4:36-2, a Trial Information Statement (TIS), in the form set forth in Appendix XXIV of the Rules of Court, is to be filed only when certifying that discovery is complete, to identify designated trial counsel or confirm an earlier designation of trial counsel, and to provide the court with dates when the attorneys, litigants and witnesses are not available for arbitration or trial. The TIS is not the vehicle for requesting an extension of the discovery period. Accordingly, the form should not be altered to indicate that discovery is not complete or to request additional discovery.

An extension of the discovery period may be obtained under R. 4:24-1(c):

It is contemplated that the parties will confer with each other to discuss and agree to a proposed schedule for the completion of all discovery necessary to make the case arbitration/trial ready.

Richard J. Williams
Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: February 2, 2001

Notices to the Bar