RE: Implementation of Civil Best Practices -- Statewide Coordinating Committee and Vicinage Committees

In 1999, Chief Justice Poritz established the Statewide Coordinating Committee for Implementation of Civil Best Practices. The Committee is made up of three Civil Presiding Judges and three representatives of the New Jersey State Bar Association. Its role is to '...coordinate and monitor statewide implementation of the comprehensive civil case management system approved by the Supreme Court ...and to provide status reports to the Conference of Civil Presiding Judges as appropriate.'

Building on this mandate, the Chief Justice has asked the Statewide Coordinating Committee to review inconsistencies between counties in the implementation of civil best practices when attorneys bring such inconsistencies to the Committee’s attention. The Committee will follow up on any such information that it receives and after its review will transmit any findings and recommendations to the Conference of Civil Presiding Judges for handling.

The members of the Statewide Coordinating Committee are: Hon. Neil Shuster, Chair, P.J.Cv., Mercer (Committee Chair); Hon. Amy Piro Chambers, P.J.Cv., Middlesex; Hon. William C. Todd, III, P.J.Cv., Atlantic/Cape May; Terry Paul Bottinelli, Esq., (Herten, Burstein, Sheridan, Cevasco, Bottinelli and Litt, in Hackensack); Heidi Willis Currier, Esq., (Connell Foley, in Roseland); and Dennis R. O’Brien, Esq., (Campbell, Foley, Lee, Murphy and Cernigliaro, in Asbury Park). Instances of inconsistent application of best practices rules and procedures may be brought to the attention of the Statewide Coordinating Committee through any one of its members.

In addition, similar implementation coordinating committees have been, or soon will be, established in each vicinage. These local committees will meet regularly to address issues arising from the process of implementing best practices. The Civil Presiding Judge in each vicinage can provide information on the membership and meeting dates of these local committees.

The bar’s involvement is invaluable in ensuring that civil best practices are implemented uniformly and effectively throughout the state.

Richard J. Williams
Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: November 1, 2000

Notices to the Bar