The New Jersey Lawyers' Fund For Client Protection declares that the following attorneys, having fully satisfied the requirements of R.1:28:2 and R.l:20-1, are eligible to practice law in New Jersey insofar as they comply with R.l:21-1(a) and their names are hereby removed from the order of the New Jersey Supreme Court dated September 14, 2000.

Aldridge, Timothy David ‘89 O/S
Aretsky, Jamie Sue ‘94 Brg
Auh, Paul Sein ‘98 O/S
Balcomb, Betty P. ‘96 O/S
Berman, Michael Alan ‘91 O/S
Bronson, Larry ‘70 Hds
Castelluci, Joseph C. ‘87 Mon
Chase, Nina W. ‘81 O/S
Chazen, Michael ‘88 Mon
Claffey, Kevin Patrick ‘88 Brg
Clark, William J., III ‘84 O/S
Cohen, Matthew Albert ‘90 Mon
D’Angelo, Michael J.P. ‘92 Brg
Dagli, Riza Ismail ‘97 Mrc
Dashefsky, Michael Gil ‘97 O/S
Davis-Clarke, Pamela D. ‘91 Esx
Dingler, Donna Grayauski ‘90 O/S
Dwyer, Stephen C. ‘98 O/S
Epstein, Robert Joseph ‘94 O/S
Friedman, Richard A. ‘89 O/S
Gabay, Michael A. ‘91 Esx
Gainer, Kenneth ‘84 Esx
George, Philip G. ‘82 Mdl
Goldberger, Howard A. ‘51 Unn
Haith, Glen S. ‘93 Unn
Hill, Thomas Henry ‘89 Brg
Hurst, Patrick J. ‘95 Brl
Johnson, Nelson Daniell ‘93 O/S
Kanner, Allan ‘81 O/S
Kao, Florence ‘97 O/S
Kafrissen, Samuel F. ‘91 O/S
Kaufmann, Elaine Ann ‘99 Unn
Kinney, William Matthew ‘88 Mon
Lattimore, Ovie Everett ‘87 O/S
Lichtenstein, Robert B. ‘71 O/S
London, Michael Andrew ‘98 O/S
Malloy, John Peter ‘96 O/S
Masia, Howard Ira ‘89 Mon
Maslow, Dina Meira ‘99 O/S
McDermott, Mary Lynne ‘77 Mor
McLean, Mora L. ‘82 O/S
McQuillan, Robert E. ‘87 Mor
Meyer, Stanley Lewis ‘97 Esx
Michals, William P. ‘54 Mdl
Moczynski, Richard J. ‘82 Mdl
Molton, David Jay ‘90 Mrc
Moore, Christine Mari ‘90 Mon
Moran, William Michael ‘89 O/S
Moriano, Martin Anthony ‘74 Esx
Moss, Leonard W. ‘64 Cam
Napolitano, Theresa M. ‘97 Esx
Narine, Marcia L. ‘92 O/S
Nastasi, Mary Therese ‘93 Brg
Ohneiser, Robert Joseph ‘86 O/S
Ortelere, Douglas F. ‘83 Brg
Packer, Herman B. ‘52 Pss
Passarello, Darya Maureen ‘97 O/S
Perniciaro, William Peter ‘86 Mdl
Pondish, Gilbert Todd ‘98 Brl
Prado, Rafael Agunday ‘78 Hds
Quinn, Kevin John ‘96 Mor
Rhee, Sandra K. ‘99 Esx
Robbins, Stephen S. ‘75 Hnt
Rosenthal, Cyna Lara ‘99 O/S
Ruggieri, Robert W. ‘82 Mon
Schreier, Marsha I. ‘82 Esx
Schumer, Lee Susan ‘92 O/S
Schuster, Hillel Moshe ‘97 Brg
Shah, Purvi Patel ‘99 O/S
Shulick, David Tevis ‘94 O/S
Simmons, Anthony James ‘89 Esx
Speiser, Stephen E. ‘82 Hds
Stein, Alan Jay ‘84 O/S
Stone, Joseph Robert ‘94 Cam
Taber, Desiree M. ‘96 O/S
Taylor, Melinda Hawkins ‘90 Esx
Thoman, Todd Hammell ‘93 Wrn
Troyetsky, Alan Mitchell ‘85 O/S
Weaver, Kirke Dudley ‘97 O/S
Wolfman, Andrea Lynn ‘94 O/S

OCTOBER 26, 2000

Notices to the Bar