The New Jersey Lawyers' Fund For Client Protection declares that the following attorneys, having fully satisfied the requirements of R.1:28:2 and R.l:20-1, are eligible to practice law in New Jersey insofar as they comply with R.l:21-1(a) and their names are hereby removed from the order of the New Jersey Supreme Court dated September 10, 1999.

Suzanne Abels 89 Esx
Maurice Alan Ades 92 Brg
Erik Jonathan Belanoff 97 O/S
Renee Biribin 92 O/S
Lee Howard Breslerman 79 Mon
Panagiota Brotsis 97 Mon
Reginald S. Bullock, Jr. 91 O/S
Kathryn A. Calista 93 O/S
Christopher J. Castano 95 Esx
Brian Gilbert Cesaratto 88 O/S
Yifat Chen 93 Brg
Thomas Robert Conigatti 97 O/S
Allyn James Crawford 94 Mdl
Stephanie B. Davis 97 Som
Christopher E. DiGiacinto 94 O/S
George Dallas Dixon 80 Mrc
Lucy Fehr Dowd 87 O/S
Robert B. Flynn 91 O/S
Jay Russell Golland 93 O/S
Enrique Guerrero 98 O/S
John Francis Hilferty 88 O/S
Stephen Robert Humphrey 95 O/S
Marc Iyeki 85 O/S
Joan Beverly Jackson 89 O/S
Livingstone J. Johnson 95 Hnt
Margareth M. Jourdan 96 O/S
Marcia A. Jovine 97 O/S
Adam Morgan Kaplan 98 Mor
Sean P. Kelly 93 O/S
Peter J. Kozlowski 96 Hds
Jeffrey Lee 73 O/S
Patrick Lee 94 Som
Paul H. Martinez 84 O/S
Jeffrey Clark Mason 86 Brg
Elizabeth C. Melehan 89 O/S
William J. McCann 91 O/S
Margaret A. McCarthy 83 O/S
Rose Margaret McGrinder 95 O/S
Edward Louis Napoli, Jr. 93 Hds
Gerald A. Nunan 83 Mor
Jodi A. Orlow 90 Mon
Reena E. Parambath 91 O/S
Armand R. Pastine 95 Unn
Ira S. Pers 83 O/S
Vincent Joseph Profaci 89 O/S
Scott George Purrelli 97 O/S
Matthew A. Rossi 94 O/S
Rui Manuel Santos 97 O/S
Christa Manzi Schacht 94 Hds
Daniel Beno Schwartz 94 O/S
David Arthur Scott 85 O/S
Charles Franklin Smith 93 O/S
Steven A. Soulios 89 Brg
Stephanie Allison Spirt 94 O/S
Enid Renee Stebbins 95 O/S
Jennifer Anne Sullivan 92 O/S
Jeffrey Scott Tanen 87 O/S
Holly Beth Tashjian 89 Esx
Ronald James Theleen 83 O/S
Lerone M. Thurston 98 Esx
Sharon Nita Toll 84 Mon
Elizabeth Leigh Toplin 95 O/S
William Anthony Twardzik 95 O/S M. Richard W. Vail 58 O/S
Michael James Vardaro 96 O/S
Jacqueline M. Vigilante 88 O/S
Janet Baker Walker 97 O/S
Carmen Mercedes Whitener 88 O/S
Loren Brett Wimpfheimer 91 O/S
Mireet Sharon Wolf 94 Brg

AUGUST 24, 2000

Notices to the Bar