In Re: Robert C. Damm

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, any person or entity listed below with a legal or equitable interest in any file formerly located in the law offices of Robert C. Damm, deceased, should contact the court appointed attorney-trustee, Christos Diktas, Esq., no later than 35 days from the date of publication of this Notice. attorney-trustee, Christos Diktas, Esq., is located at 596 Anderson Avenue, Cliffside Park, NJ, 07010, his telephone number is 201-943-8020. You must pre-arrange any file pick up with Mr. Diktasís office.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the Honorable Sybil R. Moses, A.J.S.C., has authorized the attorney-trustee to dispose or destroy any files remaining after 35 days from the publication of this Notice as the attorney-trustee may determine.

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370-448 Corp. v. Roretto Saddle Brook Arth St. 385 Fairview Ave., Inc.
522 Anderson Avenue Lease
Abbatiello v. Sanchez
Abbatiello--Car Matter
Accredited Financial Services v. Caputo
Action/Estate of McKenna
Adamar of NJ Inc. v. Berardi
Adamo v. Fairview block 724, lot 2
Addenn Park Assts. To Morse
Agnes Corp. block 417. Lot 20
Albert Abbatiello, Inc.
Albert Abbatiello--Victory Temple
Alderman - Guardianship 2203-2203B
Alexander Andrew & Co. v. K.P.P.S.
Alexiou to Gallardo
Alfonso v. Alvino
Alvarez Refinance
Alvarez Site Plan Application
Alvino to Hoffman
Alvino to Nuesch
Ameri to Grimaldi
Ameri v. Pizzo
Angela Mazzocchi Misc. (Will)
Appeal Fairview Indus. v. Fairview B. 603, L.10 Appraisal Report--Tax Appl 1992 286 Broad Ave.
Appraisal Report--Tax Appl 1992 289 Day Ave.
Armellino, Nicholas M. block 417, lot 22
Armen v. Marburn Warehouse
Armenio v. Fairview Block 708, Lot 7
Arose to Lupica
Ashley Furs v. Galco
Audit 7/17/95 Stubs & Folders (1993)
Audit 7/17/95 Stubs and Folders
Audrey Young v. Anthony Mazzone
Austin to Waxman/Barysh Lease Agreement
Austin v. Watson (Wagner Bros Trucking, Inc.) Austin--Prenuptial Agreement
Avellana v. Kral/Smith
Azar v. Azar

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B&L Auto v. Bergen Auto Corp.
B&L Auto v. Thermo-Flo America
B&L Auto v. Vale Pontiac
B&L Real Estate Trust v. Fairview Blk 604, L.8
Bacchia, Carlos & Dora block 321, lot 13
Bahia Mar, Inc. to Bailey
Balbuena v. De La Rosa
Bald Eagle Commons to Nuesch
Bar Harbor, Inc. to Delara
Barry Gimbel Credit Corrections
Bartz v. Getty Oil
Bauer v. Borough of Cliffside Park - Appeal
Bavaro Business Transfer
Bavaro Refinance
Bavaro Tenancies
Bavaro Variance Application
Baxter v. Fairview block 503, lot 2
Becker, Phyllis
Begley v. Reneau
Bella Vista Owners, Inc. v. Mary Nolan
Bellesheim to Lilikas
Bellini Insurance Matter
Bellini to Thakkar
Benna v. Benna
Benna v. Benna Financial Information
Benzehoefer v. Grioli
Bergen Blvd. Fire--Lease agreement
Bergen Blvd. Tire to Tumino
Bergen Tailors & Cleaners v. B&G Lieberman Co.
Berko v. Fairview block 710, lot 19
Berlow Stationary-Patel
Bertinato v. Fairview block 602, lot 16
Bertinato, Louis block 315, lot 18
Betty May Robertson
Billing Statements, O'Dea
Binelli v. Binelli
Blitz Safe of Amer. Inc.
Bloom v. Damouni (Sale Importing , Inc.)
Bob-Agreement w/Al Re: $300,000.00 loan
Boettcher to LaMantia/Melbourne
Bolson Group v. Carino
Bonanno R.E. Group II v. Borough of Fairview
Bonilla to Crognale
Boro of Fairview adv. H & V Realty Co.
Borough of Fairview Cty Board of Tax Dinka
Borough of Fairview -- Tax Appeals 1991
Borough of Fairview 1992 & 1993 Tax Appeals
Borough of Fairview 1992 Tax Appeals
Boro of Fairview adv. Hosing Dev Corp of Bergen
Borough of Fairview adv. Hudson United Bank
Borough of Fairview General
Borough of Fairview Re: General File
Borough of Fairview Tax Appeals 1988
Borough of Fairview v. Cigolini
Boro of Fairview v. Fairview Industrial L.10,11
Bortz, Appl. For Special Exception
Boulevard Hardware v. Anderson General Contractors
Brancaccio v. Del Monico
Bratesh Immigration Matters
Bravo v. Fairview Block 602, lot 34
Bricca Refinance
Brink Road Builders to Fitzpatrick
Briones v. Brione
BRK Assts. V. Weinberg
Broderick to Grimaldi--Mortgage 520 Brandon Pl.
Bruce Elia v. Borough of Fairview
Bugal International, Inc.
Bussanich, Antonio & Caterina block 416, lot 10

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Campise v. Campise
Campise v. Campise
Campise v. Campise
Campise v. Campise Finance Info
Capocci to Calvet
Caputo & Hendel Refinance
Caputo to Lee
Caratozzolo v. Hackensack Medical Center
Carl Lupica, estate (wills in will file)
Carleen Sebesta -- Estate
Carpenter v. Carpenter
Carreira to Carreira Deed Preparation
Cascais v. Hermann
Caskey to Bellini
Castronuovo to O'Dea
Celidonio v. Venhorst
Chakounis & Petrigliano block 417, lot 41
Chantasi v. Sano
Cheng, David block 504, lot 1
Chichoster to Sepetjian
Cigolini Foreclosure
Cigolini Refinance
Cigolini trust
Cigolini v. Delmonico (Tenancy)
Cigolini v. Linter
Cigolini v. Linter
Cigolini v. Linter Appeal
Cigolini v. Wolniewicz
Cingillioglu to Gundes
Citicorp Mortgage Inc. v. Realty Title Agency
Clark to Palma
Clarke to Campociaro
Cliffhouse Condominium Association Genera
Cohen v. Borough of Fairview
Cohen-nderson Group Lease Matter
Colthart to Adamo
Colthart v. Venezia
Columbia Real Estate
Columbia Real Estate
Columbia Real Estate Development to Baek
Compliance Audit Mater. & Bank State. 7/17/95
Conklin to Gambuzza
Connolly to Colthart
Conti v. Trione
Conti--Ford Motor
Contreras, Maria - will
Contreres--Brogan Codi
Corcoran Refinance
Coronet Prop. V. Tigane et al
Coronet Prop. V. Tigane et al
Cortez to Cardona
Covello--Living Wills
Cross Street Assts. To Laford
Csech v. D'Allessandro
Cseh v. Cseh
Cseh-William Cseh-Refinance
Culha, Veniele block 413, lot 14.02
Cuozzo v. Cuozzo
Curcio block 417, lot 33

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D. Riggi Trucking, Inc.
D'Agostino v. Limauro
Dahoud v. Venel Catania
Dalalion v. Dalalion
D'Alessandro, Victoria block 407, lot 12
D'Ambrosio v. Lavella
Damm to Hroncich
Damm--Health Insurance
Damm-Trio Graphics v. Da,,
Dapolito v. Dapolito
D'Appoliti to Boccia--Second Mortgage
DeGeronimo v. DeGeronimo
Delia to Trachtenherz
DeMaio, Rosa block 311, lot 26
DeMartino, Elizabeth block 321, lot 19
DeNichilo to Rio
DePointe v. Fairview (Bk 210,Lt 23) Billing
DePonte, Peter & Anna block 218, lot 29
Dercole v. Fuschillo
DeRosa to Rovetto
Detrizio -- Tax Appeal
Detrizio -- Tax Appeal
DeVincentis v. Palma
DeVincentis v. Palma
Di Donato v. Cellular One
Dias to Orbach
Dias to Penner
Dioguardi v. Dioguardi
DiRienzo v. Lomoscio
DiSciascio--Power of Atty./Living Will
Discovery Angelo Cigolini
Discovery Seridan Realty
Dombrouski - Refinance
Dombrowski Estate to Dombrowski
Dombrowski to Hajdu
Dumicic to Cerlienco Note
Dumicic v. Fernandez
Dumicic v. Tafilas
Dworkin to Seperjian
Dykus v. Bandazian

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E.L.J.J.R., Inc. Carol Lynn's
East Bergen Moving and Storage Corp.
East Coast Vending Svs v. Paterson Fidelco Assoc.
East Cost Miehle Service v. D & I Printing
Egelston v. Gallante
Eichler Refinance
Elion to Friedman
Elion--Mr. Philly Restaurant
Englewood Hospital v. Dumicic
Erika Dumicic v. Carlyle Development Corp.
Erikson v. Kolshi
Esposito, et al. V. Disco
Estate of Anastasia Carroll
Estate of Anita Mohring, Mohring to Lopez
Estate of Anna L. Dugan
Estate of Audrey Young
Estate of Carrie Pellegrine
Estate of Cosmo L. Nocente
Estate of Daniel Rovetto
Estate of Edith Beihoff
Estate of Filomena Alloca
Estate of Frances Kohmeunch to DeFranca
Estate of Frank T. Tabacchi
Estate of Grace Shiess
Estate of John Malkinski
Estate of Lawrence Remaley
Estate of Lydia Starcic
Estate of Margaret Spincola
Estate of Mary Malkinski
Estate of Rose DePhillips
Estate of Rose Nappi
Estate of Sally Grace Melone
Estate of Vincent J. Larkin
Estate of Violet Valikanis
Eurosport & Design v. Cludia Prisco

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Facchini--Angelina - will
Fair Realty Co. v. Borough of Fairview
Fairview Park Corp. v. Borough of Fairview (Ď93)
Fairview Tax aApp Ronald Realty Co. v. Fairview
Fairview Tax App Metropol. Trucking v. Fairview
Faresich v. Wirth
Farrant v. Branson
Febone, Estate of Block 331, lot 29
Fedysiow v. New Jersey Institute of Technology
Feinberg to Van Voorhis
Ferderigos - Subdivision Application
Fernandez v. Warwick Insurance Co.
Fieldston v. Grimaldi, et al.
Fitzgerald v. Fitzgerald
Fitzsimmons to Palma
Fizulich and Belgiorine to Garritano
Flores v. Fairview block 601, lot 25
Flynn to Frankel
Frank Radich Liquor License Application

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G.R. Associates block 602, lot 1
Galka to Damouni and Sebahia
Gambuzza adv. Marinkovic
Gambuzza to Uddin
Ganci, Betty Post Judgment
Garden Associates Ltd. To Elion
Gattoni -- Mortgages
Gattoni--Cohabitation Agreement
Gear v. Scirocca
Georges--Variance Application
Gilbert v. Astor Court
Gimbel to Olson
Gimble to Wickham
Gobeille to Fitzgerald
Golluscio v. Russuk
Gong to Zaveri
Gonzales Resp to req for production of documents
Gonzales v. Gonzales Financial, CIS, Tax info,
Gonzales v. Gonzales Interrogatories PHF/DEF
Gonzeles v. Gonzales Correspondence
Gori v. Gori
Goya to Cseh
Grace Gilbert adv. Robert Mansdorf & Pharm.
Grasso, Frank v. Fairview Block 712, lot 19
Greate Bay Hotel v. Berardi
Greco Refinance
Greenberg to Schweitzer and Winfield
Grimaldi to 1107 Washington St., Inc. Mtg. Assign.
Grimaldi to Baltar
Grimaldi v. Fox
Grimaldi v. Homeark, Inc.
Grimaldi v. Horvath
Grimaldi v. Jack
Grimaldi v. Loney--Tenancy
Grimaldi v. Menzles
Grimaldi v. Rodgers--Suite on note
Grimaldi v. White
Grimaldi, et al. To Segretto
Grimaldi--Happy Sprouts Landscaping
Grimaldi--Lease Agreement
Grimaldi--Tax Appeal--Ridgefield
Gritz v. Gritz Never opened file
Grueninger Power of Atty
Grueninger to Orrico/Serbousek
Gunther to Ahern
Gutierrez to Lavella Note

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H & K Staitioners to Patel
H&V Realty Corp. block 408, lot 44
Haas v. Haas Correspondence & Billing
Haas v. Haas Legal
Hackensack Water Co. block 408, lot 46.01
Hackensack Water Co. v. Borough of Fairview
Hackensack Water Co. v. Fairview
Hackl to Dumicic
Hadam Stanislaw & Maria block 331, lot 25
Hae Walter--Fort Lee Skin Care
Harvath--Rondinaro v. Rondinaro
Hedrick and Gavares v. Sung
Heffernan v. Heffernan
Heitmann File
Henry Realty v. Fairview Block 603, Lot 25
Hernandez Custody and Visitation Matter
Hernandez v. Local 5004 (Englewood Hospital)
HKH Enterprises, Inc.
Hopp, Margaret M. (will)
Horvath to Golluscio
Housing Devpmt Corp. of Bergen County v. Fairview
Houtman to Conti
Hovbilt, Inc. to Facchini
Hronchic v. El Mundo Furniture
Hroncich to Oliviero
HUB/Statements 1989-90 Some 88 stubs
HUD -89 stmts trusts nat west 1989 stmts & stubs
Hudson United Bank v. Borough of Fairview
Hudson United Bank v. Fairview (1993)

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Iann v. Iann
Ideal Alum. Prod. v. Gambuzza & Anderson Wind.
Imbriale v. Imbriale
Immanuel v. Immanuel
In the Matter of Shirley Gimbel
Ioele to Petruzzello
Italian Amer. Society v. Italian Amer. Society

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J & R Telecard-Trade Name (Riggi & Miller)
James Sorenson
Jennings to Conti
John Cigolini & Partner v. Fairview Blk 603, Lot 41
John Cigolini v. Fairview block 604, lot 6
John Lavella, Inc.
John Schnackenberg/Baran block 301, lot 15
Jones - will
Jusino to Rio

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K.P.P.S. to DeVincentis Sale of Quintassence
K.P.P.S. to Russo
Karlitz v. Trump Plaza
Kenneth Hernandez/South Nyack Townhouse Project
Koenig & Swoboda block 601, lot 13
Kojoian & Lahhan v. Fairview B. 802, L 7/b. 803,
Kolhagen v. Matule
Kopel v. Kastner
Krishna Heart Institute Inc.
Krivy, George block 417, lot 15
Kumar Associates, Inc. v. Med Link Systems inc

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Laford to Katseyeanis
LaFrenz to Del Gaudio
LaManta to Murray
LaMantia v. LaMantia
LaMastro to Hlaswatch
Lanza v. Lanza
Lavallo v. Lavallo
Lavella & B&L Auto Miscellaneous
Lavella Customer Agreement
Lavella to D'Ambrasio
Lavella to Kurnov
Law to Heitmann & Rossi
Lee to Horten
Lee to Walter (sale of June's Boutique)
Lee v. Lee (Post-Judgment)
LeWinter to Susak Klapa, S & A Society
Linter v. Linter (Matrimonial)
Linter v. Sheridan
Lisa Cseh-Refinance
Lisa v. Zimmerman
Lopez v. Bergen Tailors
Lucibello v. Fairview block 503, lot 2
Lucibello v. Fairview block 805, lot 2
Luis Alvarez v. Borough of Fairview
Luongo, Michael block 311, lot 6
Lupica Financial Statements
Lupica v. Lupica
Lustig Judgment Request
Lustig--Power of Atty (Maria Palmer)

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Machine, Inc.
Madia--Deed Prop. & Will
Maffetone, Angelo Block 331, Lot 28
Maimone -- Tax Appeal
Maimone -- Tax Appeal
Malkinski to Brogna
Manso St. Mary's
Manso v. Firethornt Wayne Assets, Inc.
Manso v. Manso
Manso v. Peluso -- Support Agreement
Manso/Marcheano from Timber Ridge
Mantagne v. Carlyle Development Appeal Margarete Venhorst--Power of Atty deed preparation
Maria Miller (Miller v. Miller)
Maria Palmer-Mosel-will
Marmarellis v. Fairview Block 709, lot 4
Masor v. Masor
Matteo & Gino to Orrick Sale of Ital Pizzeria
Matule Refinance
May v. Suydam
Mayersohn v. Alicea
Mazzacchi Tenancy Matter(Haruritch & Rothman)
MBF Corp., Inc. (Berardi)
McCartney/Mueller Refinance
McCorry to Eryleben
McCorry to Joo
McCorry to Schisack
McGuire to Muller and Friegel
McGuire-McCartney Refinance
McIndoe to Saladino
McKenna Misc.
McKenna v. Boutell and Fultran Inc.
McNiff adv. Arsi Follow-up work
Meding to Grimaldi
Mee Song Skin Care, Inc.
Melbourne v. Melbourne
Melbourne v. Scotty's Rental Service, Inc.
Melendez v. Fairview Block 708, lot 8
Melendez v. Fairview Block 708, lot 8
Melibruda v. Zanetti
Melibruda, Wlters, Martin Matters
Mellides, George & Connie block 225, lot 1
Meroni, Denise C. block 225, lot 10
Mesiano, Vincent v. Fairview Block 702, Lot 5
Metaxas, Jerry & Linda block 212, lot 1
Metro Mortgage Assoc. Inc. v. Alasio
Metropolitan Mortgage Services
Meyer Pre-Marital
Milford Management Corp.
Miller v. Bongard
Minieri and Gaffney v. Santacroce
Mirkovic, Anton block 412, lot 2
Miscellaneous File
Miscellaneous File Active (2)
Miscellaneouse File (1)
Miscellaneous-Melibruda, Estate of Jerome J.
Mobil/Union Bid Proposal, Enclosures
Mohaco, Corp. Refinance
Molillo to Colthart
Montagae v. Carlyle Development Corp. (Trial File)
Montage v. Demetrakis
Montano v. Guerrino/Bana One
Montano/Gottlieb to Diaz
Morin & Tarabacchia Construction Contracts
Morin, Nicholas block 323, lot 12
Morse from Dinice
Morse v. Montran Corp. Financial and Misc.
Morse v. Montran Discovery
Morse v. Montran Transcripts of Hearings
Morse--CIS, Financial Info.
Mortgage lts.-EMC (Ft. Lee S&L)
Mosca, Henry block 312, lots 5,4
Mosolino, Kathleen block 501, lot 9
Mountain Peaks v. Castronivos
Mravlag to Elia Developers
Mravlag v. Dr. Ward
Mueller to Centrella

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N.S.G.R. Corp. to Chung
Nassar Plaza, Inc.
Nat West Bank Statements 1991
Nat West office & trust accts for 1988 dep slps&stmts
Nat. Westminster Trust Acct. 1989(stub,dep slip,state)
National Community Bank Block 4, Lot 295
National Community Bank v. Borough of Fairview 1993
Natl. Church, Inc./Florida papers
New Jersey Bell Telephone v. Gambuza
New Jersey Transit v. Borough of Fairview
North Bergen
North Bergen v. Liberty II Constr./Dover Elevator
North Hudson Community Action Corp. General

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O.A. Larson v. Palma
Ocassio to Contreras
O'Gorman to Pearlman
O'Neil to Duch
Orbach v. Orbach
Oritani S&L v. Boro of Fairview (tax appeal)

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P & E Realty Inc. v. Clifford
Pacheco to Rumora
Pacheco-Mort. Payment error
Paid bills 1/95 to 12/95
Pakan to Wager
Pallotto v. K.P.P.S., Inc.
Palmer - Lustig v. Lustig Judgment
Panzhrino v. Fairview Block 602, lot 38
Parducci to Battaglia
Parisi v. Parisi
Park Antigues v. Debra Wilson
Park Avenue Assoc. v. Hesson & Robert C. Matule
Parkwood Construction to Varga
Parmenter to Kenny/Powers
Patel A&B v. Borough of Fairview
Patton to Bavaro/Squire
Paul DeNardo Tax Matters
Pedoto to Valente
Peduto, Eugene v. Fairview block 707, lot 18
Pellichio - Variance Application North Bergen
Peluso/Manso v. Osso
Percuoro to Hroncich and Salvamini
Peretz v. Peretz
Perez v. Borough of Fairview
Personal Bill File
Petrane Refinance
Petrie v. Petrie
Petrow v. Fairview Block 416, Lot 14
Pfeuffer v. Borough of Cliffside Park,et als(1994 app)
Pfeuffer v. Sculco, et al
Pfeuffer v. Sculco, et al. App order dated 1/28/94
Pfeuffer v. Sculco, et al. Appeal
Picinic Refinance
Picinich v. Gohel
Pietropaolo, John & Vincenza Block 205, lot 1
Pitula v. NJ Re-Insurance
Platini (Colombo) Powers of Atty.
Podovan v. Ingilizian
Provietro to Metcalf
Prudential v. Klein Briefs and Research
Pruestel to Quesada
Purchase of 522 Anderson Avenue Paid Bills
Purchase of: 522 Anderson Avenue
Pykus v. Shen

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Quinn, James W. (will)
Quintela to Zablinis

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Racli v. Racli & Racli
Radich adv. Dizon
Radich to AD Corp.
Radich to Dizon
Radoian v. Radoian Rahner v. Fairview 1992 Appeal Tax Court
Rahner v. Fairview Block 809, Lot 13
Rahner, Cecilia
Ray & Sons v. Grimaldi
Raylon Corp. v. Bonacuso
Raymond Farley--Employment agreement
Rebecca Ann Meyer
Remaley to Griffin
Remaley v. Griffin
Reneau v. Reneau
Ridgecrest Realty Corp. to Conti & Vasconi
Riggi Paving, Inc.
Riggi to DiNicola
Riggi to Douros
Riggi to Hroncich--Cancellation of Mortgage
Riggi to Riggi
Riggi--Bill of Sale--R&S Law Maintenance
Rimanic, Stojan & Lilianna/lanza block 229, lot 10.01
Rio and Rodriguez to Rosario
Riva Morse Accident
River Artisans
Robert C. Damm Professional Corp.
Robertson - Will and Power of Attorney
Robertson Refinance
Robertson to Meller
Robertson to Vollman
Robertson v. Clark
Robertson v. Cliff House Condos
Robertson-Clark Matter (401K)
Robinson v. Anton Textiles Co. v. Fairview blk 603lt42
Rodriguez v. Rodriguez
Ron Petruzzello t/a Universal Transmission-Lease
Ronald Realty Co. v. Borough of Fairview
Ronald Rty. Marinuzzi Calixtus
Roretto v. Finn
Rosalen - Guardianship
Rosalen, Alba--will & power of attorney
Rose v. Damouni
Rovetto Refinance
Rovetto v. Rovetto
Rovetto--Deeds (Karen & Neil)
Rubino Trust to Dombrowski

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Sabastiani v. Bonacuso
Sadoyan, John block 327, lot 53
Salameh v. Damouni
Salvatore v. JA Construction
Salvemini Hroncich
Salvemini/Hroncich Refinance
Samsel to Ribaudo
Sandor to Bernardino
Sano's Towing v. Mayor & Council of Palisades Park
Santo-Pizzi, Inc. -- Tax appeal
Sasson v. Fairview Block 723, lots 4 and 5
Savoia, Justin/Lena block 327, lot 41
Scalione v. Brower
Scannavino v. Township of North Bergen
Scardo -- Real Estate
Schaeffer, Charles block 601 lot 14
Schlosser--Power of attorney
Schwartz to Rite Machinery & Repair Corp.
Scoccimarro, Daniel & Bernadette block 324, lot 12
Sepetjian to Perez
Sequinis International to Morse
Shah to Amin
SHEA -Ficitious names=Ralph A Shea & Sons
Shearson Lehman Hutton Mortgage
Sheridan Realty v. Jane Linter
Sheridan Realty v. Murray (tenancy)
Sheridan v. Linter
Shirley Gimbel--will & power of attorney
Singh Exxon, Inc. to Damouni/Sebahia
Skelton v. Levey & Wadae
Skroce from Onnard, Inc.
Skroce to Forenbaher
Skroce to Pieri
Skyline Realty co v. Rome Liquors Inc.
Sorenson v. Zimmer
Sorenson--Wildwood Property
Sorrenti Refiance
Sorrentino to Gleaton
Special Steels of America, Inc. v. Jovanovic Int'l
Spencer Savings Bank, SLA v. Sarik
Stankard, Joseph to McGee, Gregory & Lana
Stanziani Refinance
Stanziani v. Ronchi
Stanziani v. Stanziani
Star to Dumicic
Starcic-Creamer (Crest Apt-Condo) to Tassiello
State of NJ v. Neil Rovetto
State v. Alfredo Contreras, Jersey City
State v. Blanca Duran
State v. Carol Kunz
State v. Contreras, Holmdel
State v. Contreras, Lodi
State v. Garbuz
State v. Harry Diaz
State v. Heifez
State v. Jose L. Manso
State v. Kyu-Suk Lee/Hesook Lee
State v. Mary Connell--Cliffside Park
State v. Mattessich
State v. Matthew B. Facchini, Jersey City
State v. Matthew Damm
State v. Matthew Facchini
State v. Michael Bracco
State v. Neil Rovetto
State v. Patricia Zago
State v. Prashant K. Kansara
State v. Randy J. Suydam
State v. Richard Conti
State v. Scott R. Backle Expungement
State v. Suzanne M. Bauer
Stein v. Stein
Steiner to V&R Developers
Stephens v. Stephens
Stone Hill Terrace Condo Assoc, Inc. v. Raimondo
Struniewski--construction of house
Struniewski-Pay-off of 2nd Mortgage
Sunrise Beach Club v. Fasulo
Sunset Properties Associates to Haar
Sweeney Refinance
Swoboda Lothar v. Borough of Fairview
Swordsman Inc. v. Fairview block 605, lots 1,2

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Tarakhelhyan v. V.R. Developers Inc. et als
Tarakhelhyan v. V.R. Developers Inc. et als
Tarakhelhyan v. V.R. Developers Inc. et als Appeal
Tassiello from S&R Auto Repair, Inc.
Tataria--Powers of attorney
Tauber v. Fairview -- Tax Court 2/1/93
Teofilivic v. Teofilivic
Terranova to Mait Masur
Thatcher -- Credit Union
The Young School & Elementary P.T.O.
The Young School Variance Application
The Young School, Inc.
Ti Ki Corp. t/a The Rose Variance Application
Time Sheets--1988
Tobin to Disco & Isgro
Toscano v. Benedetto
Trade Name --Park Antiques
Trafalgar House Residential, Inc. to Gimbel
Triangle Auto Leasing Corp. v. Ambrosini
Trio Graphics v. Gennaro
Trust account ledger sheets 1988
Trust Co. of NJ & Allied & Citicorp v. Haas
Tsompandis, John & Patricia block 209, lot 6
Tsompanides to Forenbaker
Tubridy to Iann
Turs Modification of Divorce Judgment

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Union Trade Corp. v. Charles & Elizabeth Co., Inc.
United Jersey Bank v. Matule and Matbro Partnership
United Mgmt. Misc. Matters
US Realty Title Agency Co

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Vacca to Gupta
Vanick Properties v. VMH, et al.
Velardo to Riggi
Venus Metal Profile to Bugal
Vianello to Kim
Vianello v. Board of adj. Borough of Fort Lee
Vikisha to Amin & Zaveri
Vincento, Frank block 406, lot 19
Violet Heitmann Prep of dees to circuit Heitmann

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Wade Properties Inc., to Grimaldi
Wager Brothers Moving Co. to Battiato
Wagner & Malvasia--cohabitation agreement
Wagner Refinance
Wagner--Families Agreement cohabitat agree prep
Walsh to Cappelluti
Walter, name change
Walter-Residency Card Replacement
Walters to James Trading Co., Inc.
Walters v. Maciborski
Warner Offshore Technology, Inc.
Watson adv. Lopez (tenancy)
Watson from J&A Assoc. Lease Negotiations
Watson v. Berman
Wayne Properties to Melibruda
Wedemeyer v. Professional Nail Salon
Wehmann, Richard block 329, lot 4
Wei and Yao to Ivankov and Braz
Weinberger George & Helene block 219, lot 4Weinstock v. Bergen Mall
Well Cut Saw Corp.
West Realty v. Damm
Wilkie to Boyce
Wills 1988 to 1994
Wilson Court Condos to Riggi and Scheyer
Woscek v. Rickart Collection
Wright to Brand

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Yi v. Lee
Yoon to Tassiello
Young Kim deeds to Victoria Kim
Yturbe v. Yturbe
Yu Chin Chong
Yurasek V. Caple

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Zalel to Martin--ficticious name
Zaneski to Tudor and Tivta
Zaneski v. Dardashti
Zaneski--Power of attorney
Zanotti v. Martinez
Zaveri Refinance
Zaveri to Kansara
Zaveri v. Domenico Dominici
Zaveri v. Snyder Tenancy
Zaveri v. Soga Lease Corp.
Zaveri v. ZaveriZaveri--Power of Attorney
Zoller to Rio
Zucchino Foreclosure section
Zucchino v. Zucchino
Zucchino v. Zucchino (Post-Judgment)
Zucchino v. Zucchino Post Judgment

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