Under R. 1:21-9(f)(2), a foreign legal consultant is subject to the same requirements as licensed members of the New Jersey Bar under a number of Court Rules. Among these are the requirements under R. 1:20-1(b) and R. 1:28-2 to pay the annual assessment. The Supreme Court has entered an Order declaring ineligible to practice law in New Jersey those foreign legal consultants not in compliance with the 1999 annual assessment. That Order and the list of ineligible foreign legal consultants follow.

Foreign legal consultants will be reinstated without further order of the Court upon filing with the Fund the annual registration statement for the current year together with the annual payment, the late fee, any arrears due from prior years, and a reinstatement fee of $25 if being removed from one calendar year's Ineligible List or $50 if being removed from two or more calendar years' Lists.

If payment is made with a certified check or money order, reinstatement will become effective upon the date the payment is received in the Fund's office. If payment is made with a personal or firm check, reinstatement will become effective 30 days from the date of receipt. If additional information is needed, please call (609)292-8079 or 777-0311.

Kenneth J. Bossong
Director, NJ Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection



Whereas, the Trustees of the New Jersey Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection, pursuant to R. 1:21-9(f)(2) and R. 1:28-2, have reported to this Court the names of those foreign legal consultants who have neither made full payment to the Fund and the Disciplinary Oversight Committee for the calendar year 1999 nor demonstrated that they are entitled to an exemption from making such payment; whereas this Court has had the Trustees send notice to each foreign legal consultant that unless payment was made on or before August 20, 1999, his/her name would be published in the New Jersey Law Journal and the New Jersey Lawyer and an Order of this Court would be entered declaring him/her ineligible to practice law; and whereas, notwithstanding the fact that every reasonable effort has heretofore been made by the Trustees and by this Court to notify all foreign legal consultants of their obligation, unless exempt, to make payment to the Fund, the foreign legal consultants whose names appear on the attached list have, as of the date of this Order, failed either to make full payment or to request and be granted an exemption; it is hereby

ORDERED that each foreign legal consultant whose name appears on the attached list shall be ineligible to engage in the practice of law in this State after the publication of this Order; and it is

FURTHER ORDERED that no foreign legal consultant on this list shall be eligible to practice law in New Jersey until he/she has paid the required fee or fees, or explained to the satisfaction of the Trustees why he/she was entitled to an exemption for each of the years for which he/she has been ineligible, and paid applicable late fees and an additional fee of $25 for removal from one year's Ineligible List or $50 for removal from two or more years' Lists; and it is

FURTHER ORDERED that this Order and the attached list of foreign legal consultants be published in the New Jersey Law Journal and the New Jersey Lawyer on January 3, 2000 and that a copy of this Order be mailed to each foreign legal consultant whose name appears on the attached list at the address shown thereon.

For the Court,
Deborah T. Poritz
Chief Justice Dated: February 17, 2000




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