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Updates to Model Civil Jury Charges

The Supreme Court Committee on Model Civil Jury Charges (Committee) has approved the following list of Model Civil Jury Charges for use by the bar and trial courts.  Some of these model charges are new, some are revised versions of previously approved charges.  All approved Model Civil Jury Charges, including these new and revised charges, are available for downloading from the Judiciary’s Internet web site at

            1.12C General Provisions and Standard Charge — Role of the Attorneys (10/2009)
            The final parenthetical portion of the prior version of the charge has been deleted to eliminate any ambiguity regarding the reference to the attorneys’ “performance”.

            5.34  Motor Vehicle and Highway Charge — Photographic Evidence in Motor Vehicle Accidents (10/2009)
            This new charge has been added regarding the use of photographic evidence in trials involving motor vehicle accidents.

5.40A  Products Liability Charge — Introduction: Caveats to Judges (10/2009)
                        A reference to Sinclair v. Merck & Co., 195 N.J. 51 (2008) has been added to the portion of the charge that states that the Products Liability Act, N.J.S.A. 2A:58C-1 through 7, explicitly excludes from coverage an environmental tort                                  action as well as actions for harm caused by a breach of an express warranty.

5.71   Other Negligence Actions Charge — Tavern Keepers Serving Minors and Intoxicated Persons (10/2009)
                        A reference to Mazzacano v. Estate of Kinnerman, 197 N.J. 307 (2009) has been added to the charge concerning an organization’s liability under the Licensed Server Liability Act, N.J.S.A. 2A:22A-1 et seq. with regards to the self- service of alcohol.

Questions regarding any of these new or revised civil jury charges may be directed to Michelle V. Perone, Esq., Chief, Civil Court Programs, Administrative Office of the Courts, Hughes Justice Complex, P.O. Box 981, Trenton, New Jersey  08625-0981; telephone (609) 984-5431; email

Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D.
Acting Administrative Director of the Court

Dated:  November 17, 2009

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