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Updated Tax Court Complaint and Case Information Statement Forms

Pursuant to Rules 8:3-4 and 8:3-5, the Tax Court provides samples of Tax Court forms.  Updated versions of the
following Tax Court complaint packets are available on-line on the Tax Court Internet website (  (1) Taxing District Complaint (Local Property Tax); (2) Taxpayer Complaint (Local Property Tax); (3) Complaint (Correction of Error)(N.J.S.A. 54:51A-7); (4) Complaint (State Equalization Table-School Aid); (5) Complaint (to be used for Tax Relief Programs); (6) Complaint (County Equalization Table); (7) Civil Complaint (State Tax).

            The following Tax Court Case Information Statement (Tax Court CIS) forms, updated so as to include the language approved by the Supreme Court certifying to the redaction of personal identifiers, also are available on-line on the Tax Court Internet website:  (1) State Tax CIS (CIS-State); (2) Correction of Error in Assessment (CIS-C/E); (3) Case Information
Statement (Local Property Tax) (CIS-LP).

            These updated forms replace all prior versions and are effective immediately.

                                                                        Hon. Patrick DeAlmeida
                                                                        Tax Court Presiding Judge

Dated: November 17, 2009
  Copyrighted © 2001 - New Jersey Judiciary