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Filing Documents with the Superior Court Clerk’s Office

The Superior Court Clerk’s Office routinely files documents related to foreclosure matters and statewide judgment liens.  In order to meet our operational obligations to each filing, effective July 1, 2009, all documents presented for filing, whether in person or through delivery of regular, overnight or courier mail, will be marked “Received” on the date delivered.  Once received, the Clerk’s staff will review the document for sufficiency and, after review, the document will be marked “filed” and deemed to be filed as of the received date, absent circumstances outlined in Rule 1:5-6 related to non-conforming papers. 

In limited emergent circumstances, Clerk’s staff will review and file a document presented the same day.  Emergent requests can be made to a supervisor in the Clerk’s Office or to Kate McCann, Chief, Superior Court Clerk’s Office.  Otherwise, documents will be received and filed in date order pursuant to the current workflow of the office. 

Questions concerning this matter should be directed to Kate McCann, Chief, Superior Court Clerk’s Office, at (609) 421-6100 or

Hon. Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D.
Acting Administrative Director  of the Courts

Dated:  June 11, 2009

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