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WHEREAS the New Jersey Judiciary has been working closely with the Executive Branch to implement a new automated child support enforcement system, known as NJKiDS (New Jersey Kids Deserve Support); and

WHEREAS NJKiDS creates notices to advise parties of court proceedings; and

WHEREAS the New Jersey Judiciary may serve these notices through regular mail and certified mail, return receipt requested, and that such method of service is known as substituted mail service; and

WHEREAS “Return receipt (electronic) is the equivalent of the traditional ‘green card’ – the hardcopy return receipt, PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt – that provides proof of delivery for Certified Mail, Registered Mail, collect on delivery (COD), and numbered Insured Mail items" pursuant to Postal Bulletin 22137 at 43 (September 16, 2004); and

WHEREAS the New Jersey Judiciary has adopted the use of USPS electronic return receipts in these matters to be the same as hard copy return receipts for proof of substituted mail service; and

THEREFORE IT IS ORDERED, pursuant to N.J. Const. (1947), Art. VI, §2, ¶ 3, that, effective immediately and until further order, Rule 5:4-4(b) is relaxed and supplemented so as to permit an electronic return receipt to have the same effect as a hard copy return receipt card for certified mail generated by NJKiDS for paternity and child support matters.

For the Court,

Stuart Rabner
Chief Justice

Dated: April 28, 2009

  Copyrighted © 2001 - New Jersey Judiciary