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Jersey City Municipal Court – Requests for Adjournments

This is to advise that the Jersey City Municipal Court, except in a truly emergent situation, will only consider a written request for an adjournment of a scheduled matter. A request for an adjournment must (1) be in writing, (2) be addressed to the Judge before whom the matter is pending, if the Judge’s identity is known, or, if not, to the attention of the “Chief Court Administrator”, (3) be sent by mail or Fax ( 201-459-1338), (4) clearly identify the matter sought to be adjourned by caption and complaint number, (5) explain in detail the reason(s) for the adjournment request and (6) the request must be on notice to all involved parties.

Any request for an adjournment should be made as soon as possible after any conflict in schedule and/or any other reason for making the request presents itself. Upon receipt of the request for an adjournment, the court will respond to such a request within 48 hours.

Under no circumstance should any party to a case assume that a request for an adjournment has been granted. Rather, the opposite is true: all parties should assume the matter will proceed as scheduled unless specifically advised by the court that the adjournment request has been granted.

All are so advised and should proceed accordingly.

Maurice J. Gallipoli, A.J.S.C.

Dated: March 12, 2008

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