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R. 1:21-2 requires those admitted pro hac vice to pay the annual assessment.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey having ruled on the Disciplinary Oversight Committee (“DOC”) and New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program (“NJLAP”) budgets for 2008, the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection (“Fund”) is in a position to collect the assessment for pro hac vice admission for calendar year 2008. As always, the money received through the assessment will support the Fund, the disciplinary process, and the NJLAP. The amount due is the same as for 2007:

2008 Assessment for All Pro Hac Vice Admittees - $186.00

An attorney's pro hac vice appearance continues until the matter is concluded or there is a substitution of counsel. The Fund must continue to seek payment until the attorney gives notice that either the matter, or the attorney's appearance in it, has formally concluded. Attorneys pay this amount only once per calendar year regardless of the number of matters in which they appear. The 2008 invoices and registration statements for previously admitted attorneys will be mailed in mid February. A 2008 Pro Hac Vice Admission Form that lawyers seeking initial admission should submit with payment is available at

Lawyers licensed in New Jersey are no longer required to seek admission pro hac vice for lack of a bona fide office in New Jersey if such an office is maintained elsewhere in the United States. All other requirements for engaging in private practice in New Jersey remain in effect. Lawyers on any Ineligible List are not eligible for pro hac vice appointment.

Board of Trustees
New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund
For Client Protection

Dated: January 8, 2008

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