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Mass Tort Designation -- Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch Litigation

A previous notice advised of the application made to the Supreme Court for designation of all New Jersey state court litigation involving the Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch as a mass tort and assignment of that litigation for coordinated and centralized management purposes to the Middlesex Vicinage. That application was submitted pursuant to Rule 4:38A and the Mass Tort Guidelines as promulgated by Directive #11-03. The Court received no comments regarding the application. This notice is to advise that the Supreme Court, after considering the application, has designated the Ortho Evra state court litigation as a mass tort and assigned it to Judge Bryan Garruto in the Middlesex Vicinage for centralized management purposes. Published with this notice is the Supreme Court's October 10 order . That order, along with Judge Garruto's October 13 case management order, also is posted in the Mass Tort Information Center on the Judiciary's internet web site (

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Dated: October 13, 2006

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