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Corrected Rules Appendix IX-F (Schedule of Child Support Awards)

The Supreme Court, as part of its July 27, 2006 omnibus rule amendment order, adopted an updated Appendix IX-F ("Schedule of Child Support Awards") to be effective September 1, 2006. The updated Schedule adopted by the Court was the result of the Quadrennial Review required by federal law. The Schedule is based on combined net weekly income, shown in ten dollar increments. However, updated Appendix IX-F inadvertently used fifty dollar increments, rather than ten dollar increments, for the upper portion of the Schedule. While the figures were correct, showing a portion of the Schedule in different increments could result in confusion or lack of consistency when determining the appropriate child support amount within a particular increment. The Schedule thus has been revised to use only ten dollar increments for the combined net weekly income (as has been the practice). Updated Appendix IX-F, as thus refined, is promulgated with this notice and is effective September 1, 2006, superseding the version of Appendix IX-F appended to the Court's July 27, 2006 order.

Philip S. Carchman, J.A.D.
Acting Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: August 30, 2006

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