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Reinstatement of Revoked Attorneys

Listed below are seven attorneys whose names were included on the Ineligible List for seven consecutive years as of September 26, 2005 and whose licenses were revoked on that day by Order of the Supreme Court.

After reviewing the petitions of these attorneys, who remitted payment of all past due fees, the Supreme Court has vacated the Order of September 26, 2005 for them and reinstated their licenses to practice law in New Jersey with the retroactive effective date of September 26, 2005.

The names of these attorneys should, therefore, be deleted from the list of attorneys whose licenses were revoked on September 26, 2005.

Douglas Littman Greenfield, Esq.
Jodi J. Jaffe, Esq.
Eva D. Leone, Esq.
Sandra M. Simkins, Esq.
Scott Jason Singer, Esq.
Sandra B. Suweidan, Esq.
Ron E. West, Esq.

Kenneth J. Bossong
Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection

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