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RE: Revocation of License for Long Term Ineligibility

This year’s second billing is the last notice that lawyers on the Ineligible List for six or more consecutive years will receive before they are declared ineligible for the seventh consecutive year and, therefore, have their licenses administratively revoked.

Under R. 1:28-2(c) enacted by the Supreme Court last year, anyone whose license is revoked will cease to be a member of the Bar of New Jersey and must undergo the full admissions process, including the bar examination, to regain membership.

Once ineligible, a lawyer remains ineligible unless and until all obligations for all years are completely fulfilled. There is no such thing as partial reinstatement from the Ineligible List; attempts at compliance for some years without compliance for all years will not alter a lawyer’s billing status.

Lawyers currently ineligible six or more years who want to avoid revocation should seek reinstatement immediately.

Kenneth J. Bossong, Director
New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection

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