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Confidential Litigant Information Sheet in Family Cases

Court Rule 5:4-2(g) requires the first pleading of each party to any proceeding involving alimony, maintenance or child support to be accompanied by a completed “Confidential Litigant Information Sheet” (CLIS). The CLIS form is included in the Rules of Court as Appendix XXIV.

Rule 5:4-2(g) also directs the Administrative Office of the Courts to “develop and implement procedures to maintain the Confidential Litigant Information Sheet as a confidential document rather than a public record.” In accordance with that direction, the following procedures have been developed and implemented. Upon filing, the case will be docketed and a file prepared. The CLIS accompanying that filing will be placed in a separate envelope marked as “confidential” in the court file. The CLIS will not be copied or shared with any outside entity without written approval of the court, nor will the information contained in the CLIS be shared with non-court personnel unless authorized by the court.

The CLIS will remain in the Family court file (in the separate envelope) unless and until a child support order is entered that is to be enforced by the Probation Division. If such order is entered, the CLIS will be removed from the Family court file, updated with the most current information and then forwarded to the Probation Division with the support order for inclusion in the Probation Division’s file on the case. By statute the Probation Division file is confidential; thus the CLIS placed in that file will remain confidential. Similarly, whenever a direct pay support order is later converted to an order payable through the Probation Division, the CLIS will be updated (if that is necessary), attached to the most recent support order, and forwarded with the order to Probation for enforcement purposes. Therefore, in all cases where support is or becomes payable through Probation, the CLIS will be sent to Probation with the support order and not retained in the Family court file.

If there is no support order enforceable through the Probation Division entered, the CLIS will remain in the Family court file (in its separate confidential envelope). The CLIS will be purged and destroyed prior to the casefile eventually being archived.

Any questions regarding this procedure or the Confidential Litigant Information Sheet may be directed to Assistant Director Harry Cassidy at 609-984-4228.

Philip S. Carchman, J.A.D.
Acting Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: May 5, 2005

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