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Payment of Assessment Upon Admission Pro Hac Vice: One Per Lawyer Each Calendar Year

Please Take Notice that payment of the annual assessment upon admission Pro Hac Vice is required, but only once for each calendar year for any lawyer. Payments continue for subsequent years as long as the lawyer is appearing in any New Jersey matter, but there is only one payment per year regardless of how many matters show the lawyer as an attorney of record. A lawyer is "appearing" in a matter from the time the Order admitting him or her is signed until either the matter is concluded or there is substitution of counsel.

The payment for 2005 is $182. Any lawyer having paid that amount this year should not remit further payment upon subsequent admissions in 2005. Questions may be directed to the Pro Hac Vice Unit at (609) 292-8009.

Kenneth J. Bossong, Director
NJ Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection

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