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AICRA Verbal Threshold Cases in the Appellate Division

The Appellate Division is no longer calendaring AICRA verbal threshold cases pending decision of the Supreme Court in DiProspero v. Penn and Serrano v. Serrano. The court is also granting extension applications in verbal threshold cases and extending the filing date of briefs and appendices until 21 days after the filing of those opinions unless a motion for summary disposition is filed after the decisions in advance of the extended filing date. This is being done to save the time of attorneys in writing briefs as well as avoidance of supplementary briefs and motions with respect thereto.

If you represent a party in an AICRA verbal threshold case, you may obtain an extension as noted herein by sending a letter to the Clerk of the Appellate Division.

Edwin H. Stern
Presiding Judge for Administration
Appellate Division Dated: March 28, 2005

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