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Entry of Default Judgments without Personal Appearances in Dissolution (FM) Proceedings in the Hudson Vicinage - Revised Procedure

The Family Part of Superior Court in Hudson County, with the approval of the Supreme Court, in 2003 instituted a procedure permitting the entry of default judgments without personal appearances in certain dissolution proceedings. This procedure has recently been revised to incorporate the requirements of Weishaus v.Weishaus, 180 N.J. 131, 849 A.2d 171, and the Confidential Litigant Information Sheet required pursuant to R.1:5-6(c).

For a copy of the revised procedure, please contact the Hudson Vicinage Family Division Managerís Office at (201) 795-6754. The procedure is also located on the Judiciary website at

Hon. Maureen B. Mantineo, P.J.F.P.
Family Part, Superior Court
Hudson Vicinage
Dated: March 1, 2005

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