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A notice was previously published advising of the application submitted by Jerrold S. Parker, Esq. of the law firm of Parker & Waichman to designate all Ortho Evra litigation as a mass tort and assign it for centralized management. That application was submitted pursuant to Rule 4:38A and the Mass Tort Guidelines as promulgated by Directive #11-03. This notice is to advise that the Supreme Court, after considering that application and any comments submitted in response to the earlier notice, has determined that the Ortho Evra litigation does not at this time meet the criteria for designation as a mass tort. The Court thus denied the application.

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Michelle V. Perone, Esq.
Chief, Civil Court Programs
Administrative Office of the Courts
Hughes Justice Complex
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Philip S. Carchman, J.A.D.
Acting Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: November 28, 2005

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