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Survey on Jury Procedures -- National Center for State Courts National Program to Increase Citizen Participation in Jury Service

The National Center for State Courts, in furtherance of its National Program to Increase Citizen Participation in Jury Service, is conducting a national survey of jury operations and procedures. The purpose of the Program is "to promote public awareness and understanding of jury service and to support state and local courts in their efforts to improve the jury system." One component of the NCSC study is a "Judge & Lawyer Survey" to be completed and submitted individually by judges and trial lawyers. That survey, designed to obtain input from those involved in jury trials, is posted on the New Jersey Judiciary's Internet website ( It is four pages and consists of five multipart questions focused on particular jury trials. It asks about the length of the jury voir dire and jury deliberations in the trial, whether certain specific procedures were used, and whether any special issues arose at trial.

The purpose of this Notice is to bring the NCSC's "Judge & Lawyer Survey" to the attention of the Bar and to ask attorneys to complete and submit any responses directly to the NCSC by December 16, 2005. Chris Connelly is the NCSC contact person to whom "Judge & Lawyer Survey" responses should be submitted His mailing address and e-mail address, which also appear on the posted survey form itself, are as follows:

Chris Connelly, Court Research Analyst
The Center for Jury Studies
National Center for State Courts
2425 Wilson Blvd. Suite 350
Arlington, VA 22201

Philip S. Carchman, J.A.D.
Acting Administrative Director of the Courts
Dated: November 18, 2005

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