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The Probation Department is the enforcement arm of the state judicial system statutorily responsible for the supervision of offenders placed on probation or other expressly permitted supervision status by any court within the county, and for the collection and disbursement of such payments as are ordered by the court(s). By statute and interstate agreements, the Probation Department is also obligated to provide these services to residents who are under such orders originating outside the county's own jurisdiction. The "calculated risk" which attaches to allowing offenders to remain under supervision in the community demands that supervision services be sufficient to deter further criminality/delinquency. The department collects and disburses court-ordered levies including victim restitution, fines and penalties which help to underwrite a variety of law enforcement initiatives and drug/alcohol abuse prevention programs. The department's effective collection of court-ordered child support reduces and even eliminates reliance on public welfare.

In connection with offender supervision, case plans predicated on individual risks/needs assessments are developed, modified as necessary, and implemented by probation officers who serve as both direct service providers (i.e., counselling, surveillance, oversight) and as referral agents for specialized services (i.e, substance abuse and psychological treatment). Subsequent unlawful behavior or significant noncompliance is promptly investigated and reported to the court for corrective action. Supervisees and others having knowledge of them are regularly contacted on both a scheduled and unscheduled basis, during and beyond regular business hours.

The Child Support Enforcement Unit monitors more than 15,000 support accounts, locates errant parents under order to pay support, and prepares the cases of delinquent payers for return to court. Another specialized unit oversees the performance of many thousand hours of court-ordered community service each year.

Monmouth Probation Division Directory

Monmouth Probation Division
Cee Okuzu, Chief Probation Officer
30 Mechanic Street
P.O. Box 1259
Freehold, NJ 07728-1259
Telephone: 732-869-5600

Child Support Enforcement
Tara Williams, Vicinage Asst. Chief Probation Officer

Telephone: 732-677-4800
Child Support: 877-NJ-KIDS1

Juvenile Probation Supervision
Adult Probation Supervision
Myra Carter, Vicinage Asst. Chief Probation Officer
Ocean Township Office
2407 Route 66
Ocean, NJ 07712
Telephone: 732-869-5600

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