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The Jury Office functions on a triannual administration process which selects, notifies by summons, and evaluates approximately 60,000 potential grand and petit jurors each year. The activities of this office provide that the constitutional right to trial by jury is available to the citizens of Monmouth County.

Each week approximately 200 eligible petit jurors are gathered in the jury assembly room. Out of this jury pool Monmouth County's civil and criminal judges pull panels to hear and decide cases.

Monmouth County also has five grand juries. Each grand jury is made up of 23 jurors who sit one day a week for a four month session. Cases are presented by an assistant prosecutor and the grand jury must decide to indict, no bill or remand each case. Cases that are indicted are then sent to trial to be heard by a petit jury.

Monmouth Jury Information

Jury Manager 732-677-4200

Jury Call In - 732-677-4204
Fax - 732-677-4367

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