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Monmouth County Family Division is dedicated towards resolving disputes, assuring the rights of litigants, acting in the best interest of our children and accommodating the needs of the community to the best of our ability. The Family Division Presiding Judge, the Family Division Manager, two AssistantDivision Managers, eleven Team Leaders and support staff all work closely to ensure that litigants are treated fairly and their cases are moved expeditiously and effectively through the system.

The Family Division is complex, encompassing eleven different docket types. Dissolution/Divorce (FM), Non-Dissolution (FD), Domestic Violence (FV), Violations of Restraining Orders (FO), Juvenile Delinquency (FJ), Family Crisis (FF), Abuse and Neglect (FN), Termination of Parental Rights (FG), Child Placement Review (FC), Kinship Guardianship (FL) and Contested Adoptions (FA). Family Division addresses issues of Custody, Visitation/Parenting Time, Spousal Support, Divorce, Separate Maintenance, Child Support (Establishment and Modifications), Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders, Violations of Restraining Orders, Juvenile Delinquency, Family Crisis, Child Abuse and Neglect, Termination of Parental Rights, Kinship Guardianship, and review all Out of Home Placements of Children by the Court, Children's Behavioral Health Care Services and the Division of Youth and Family Services.

Family Case Management is divided into Teams to provide full case management for their case types. A Family Reception Unit, which addresses all applications and modifications regarding Non-Dissolution, Domestic Violence and Child Support establishment or modifications. A UIFSA Unit which addresses Child Support Cases where the obligor resides out of state and also provides a customer service piece to assist all cases where Child Support was ordered in establishing their case immediately and addressing any questions our litigants may have. Finally there are eight separate support Teams to support each of our eight Family Court Judges.

Family Division is located on the lower level in the South Wing of the Court House

FAMILY DIVISION MANAGER - Rosemarie Marinan-Gabriel 732-677-4304
Family Reception - 732-677-4050
Divorce/Custody/Mediation - 732-677-4050
Domestic Violence - 732-677-4050
Juvenile Delinquency - 732-677-4096
Children in Court - 732-677-4310

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