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The Criminal Division Management Office coordinates the functions of the Criminal Courts.

There are six trial judges and a drug court judge. Each trial court is assigned criminal actions on a rotating basis. Each judge has a team consisting of a team leader, probation officers who write investigative reports, court clerk, law secretary, and data input person. Together they process the various criminal matters, including bail, grand jury handups, indigency investigations, calendar planning and management, PTI and presentence reports. The Drug Court judge heads a team of court staff, attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse evaluators and treatment professionals. The drug court uses a sentence alternative which allows the participant to enter treatment, rather than be incarcerated. The goal of the court is to break the cycle of drugs, alcohol and criminal activity. For additional information on Adult Drug Courts, please visit http://home.aoc.judiciary.state.nj.us/drugcourt/index.htm.

Permanent records of events are recorded and maintained on PROMIS/GAVEL, and the case files are located in the Criminal Records Section. They also have responsibility for distributing judgments and reports to the appropriate individual or department.

The Presiding Criminal Judge has overall responsibility for the division and she is assisted by the Criminal Division Manager. The division also has a presiding municipal magistrate assigned who reviews bail and conducts daily initial appearances in a courtroom at the Monmouth Correctional Institution. He is aided by a team who interviews all defendants incarcerated in lieu of bail.

General Information - 732-677 4500

Hon. David F. Bauman, Presiding Judge, Criminal 732-677-4107
Mary Ann McGevna, Criminal Division Manager 732-677-4500
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