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Transcript Information

Transcript Office
732-519-3486 or 3485
For requests of court proceedings from audio recordings

For matters recorded by an Official Court Reporter call the Supervisor of Court Reporters at 732-519-3458. (If in doubt, call this number to find out how the matter was recorded.)

Service levels:


30 days


5 - 7 days


1 - 2 days

Transcript Deposit Amounts

Service \ Type of proceeding


Proceedings other than Trials


$550 per day

$150 per day

Expedited or Daily

$650 per day

$250 per day

Transcript Cost
(per: N.J.S.A. 2B:7-4)

Service \ Type




$3.97 per page

$0.66 per page


$5.96 per page

$0.99 per page


$7.94 per page

$1.32 per page

All requests must be in writing and paid for in advance.

Click here for a Court Transcript Request form with our Transcript Office address already filled in.

Transcripts are produced by agencies independent of, but certified by, the Judiciary.
They will refund any overpayment from your deposit with your transcript. If your deposit is insufficient, they will require payment of the balance before shipping your transcript.

Please call the Transcript Office at 732-519-3486 or 3485 for the payee (agency) name on deposits or to get additional information.

Since transcripts are produced by independent agents outside the courts, fee waivers granted to persons declared Indigent do not cover transcript costs. Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to obtain a Court Order granting you a transcript at public expense. This requires a proper motion before the court including notice to the party who would have to pay for the transcript.

Requests for copies of media recordings

Cost - $10 per piece of media produced
Payable via check or money order made out to: Treasurer, State of New Jersey
Processing time: 7 – 10 days
      No rush service available
      Large orders may take longer


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