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Probation Division


The Probation Division is a service delivery arm of the courts, headed by Vicinage Chief Probation Officer, Sonja Asante. The Division provides post dispositional supervision and collection services for the Family, Criminal, and Municipal Courts in Middlesex County.

The main office is located at 189 New Street, New Brunswick and there is a branch office at 262 State Street , Perth Amboy.

The Probation organization has three Vicinage Assistant Chief Probation Officers:

Sandra R. Erik (New Brunswick Adult Supervision) 732-448-6113
Hector Marcano (New Brunswick – Child Support) 1-877-655-4371
Jeffrey Israel (Perth Amboy – Juvenile Supervision) 732-376-6410

Adult Supervision

732-448-6100 FAX 732-448-6204

Probation Offices

189 New Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Tel. 732- 448-6100; FAX 732-448-6204

262 State Street Perth Amboy, NJ 08861 Tel. 732-376-6400 FAX 732-376-6490

Supervises all defendants sentenced to Probation by Superior and Municipal Courts. They have specialized caseloads for Megan's Law Sex Offenders, Domestic Violence , Community Service , Mental Health, and Drug Court Caseloads .

Pre-Trial Intervention Unit (PTI)

Tel. 732-448-6121

A voluntary diversionary program designed to alleviate the Courts of indictable minimum supervision, non-violent first offender cases. Clients are supervised from one to three years and if all conditions have been complied with the original charge is dismissed.

Drug Court

Tel. 732-448-6151

Drug Court participants are supervised by a team of Probation Officers and other court staff. The mission of Drug Court is to enroll drug and alcohol dependent offenders in court supervised substance abuse treatment and services with a purpose to reduce recidivism, reunite and support family unity, while facilitating lifestyle changes which will result in productive, sober, law-abiding citizenry.

Court Enforcement Program (CEP/Collections)

Tel. 732-448-6115

Probation staff collect Fine/Restitution payments as ordered by the Court. Cases that are one month in arrears of the Court ordered payment schedule are referred for modifications and docketing of Civil Judgements. Other sanctions include wage garnishments, suspension of driver's license or recommendations for a violation of probation which may result in incarceration.

Juvenile Supervision

FAX 732-448-6204

Branch Offices

189 New Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Tel. 732- 448-6100

262 State Street
Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

The juvenile unit supervises juveniles placed on Probation by the Family Court.

Cases are assigned by geographic area and many reporting sites are located in the various municipalities. They have a specialized case loads for juveniles with sexually abusive behaviors.

Child Support Enforcement

Main Tel. 1-877-655-4371
FAX 732-448-7996

Address: 189 New Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

The Child Support Unit works in cooperation with the Family Court to enforce orders established by the Family Court and is responsible for the collection and distribution of child support and alimony.

A staff of 50 supervises over 24,300 cases. On an annual basis they collect and distribute in excess of 93 million dollars. Approximately 75% of the caseload is under a wage garnishment.

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