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Court Administration

Assignment Judge -- Hon. Travis L. Francis 732-519-3410

Administration in each vicinage is the responsibility of the Assignment Judge, appointed by the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. The chambers and the courtroom of the Assignment Judge are located on the second floor of the east wing of the Court House. In addition to his immediate staff, there are a number of individuals reporting to the Assignment Judge who assist him in their specialized areas. These include the Presiding Judges of the Trial Divisions.

Trial Court Administrator -- Dawn Brevard-Waters 732-519-3428

John Pushko, Operations Division Manager 732-519-3436
Cam Churgin, Finance Division Manager 732-519-3975
Sonnja Asante, Chief Probation Officer 732-448-6110
Laura Schweitzer, Criminal Division Manager 732-519-3837
Michael Otrimski, Acting IT Division Manager 732-519-3512
Charles Hager, Family Division Manager 732-519-3205
Natalie H. Myers, Human Resource Division Manager 732-519-3965
Ian Ratzlaff, Civil Division Manager 732-519-3678
Cheryl E. Williams, Municipal Division Manager 732-519-3985

The Trial Court Administrator is the chief non-judicial administrative officer of the vicinage, assisting the Assignment Judge at the trial court level. In addition to providing general overall assistance in administrative matters, the Court Administrator's office is specifically responsible for court budgets, purchasing, personnel management, liaison with municipal courts, public relations, statistical reports, computer information systems, library services, jury management, labor relations, liaison between the judiciary and county government and liaison with the Administrative Office of the Courts in Trenton. Offices of the Trial Court Administrator are located on the second floor of the East Wing of the Court House and at 90 Paterson Street across from the Court House.

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