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Mercer Vicinage EEO/AA Office

Mercer Vicinage Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Program

Together, we the members of the Mercer Court System are committed to providing excellence in public service for the diverse needs of our community.

Consistent with the core values of Independence, Integrity, Fairness and Quality Service; the New Jersey Judiciary introduced its Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan in May of 2000:

The New Jersey Judiciary is dedicated to the principles and goals of fairness, equality, courtesy, and respect for all individuals. These are the cornerstones of activities and operations in the court system and embody the Judiciary’s commitment to equality under the law and fairness in the administration of justice. Richard J. Williams, Acting Administrator of the Courts, Master Plan 2000.

The EEO/AA Master Plan applies to all individuals who come in contact with the court system including applicants for employment, employees, volunteers and members of the public. Each vicinage is required to develop and maintain a Vicinage EEO/AA Implementation Plan. Assignment Judge Linda R. Feinberg conveyed the following as part of her introductory message:

The successful implementation of our EEO/AA Program and the achievement of a nondiscriminatory environment require more than a written policy. It requires active support and ongoing effort by all judges, managers and employees to ensure its full implementation.

The EEO/AA program has various components:

  • A strong policy against discrimination;
  • Dissemination of the EEO/AA Program through orientations, training, and publications;
  • An internal Judiciary complaint process;
  • The designation of an EEO/AA Officer reporting directly to the Assignment Judge and Trial Court Administrator;
  • Appointments of an Advisory Committee on Minority Concerns and a Vicinage EEO/AA Advisory Committee.

EEO/AA Program Training

Information related to the EEO/AA program is communicated to employees through orientations about their rights and responsibilities as Judiciary staff under the EEO/AA Implementation Plan and the Judiciary Discrimination Complaint Procedure Manual. The EEO/AA Officer provides orientations about the program and its components to all staff. EEO/AA mandatory subject-matter training is also offered in the vicinage. Information about EEO/AA subject-matter training can be obtained by reviewing the New Jersey Judiciary Training Catalog or contacting the Mercer Vicinage Training Coordinator’s Office.

The following courses are mandatory for all Judiciary employees:

  • Valuing Diversity or Beyond EEO/AA: Understanding Your Role in a Multicultural Work Environment
  • Sexual Harassment Workplace Prevention Training
  • HIV/AIDS Workplace Training

The following courses are mandatory for all supervisors:

  • Maintaining a Sexual Harassment Free Work Environment: Our Managerial and Supervisory Role
  • EEO Complaint Procedure Manual Training

Mercer Vicinage employees participating in recruitment as members of interview and selection panels are required to take:

  • Hiring the Best: Interview Skills for Managers and Supervisors

Mercer Vicinage EEO/AA Advisory Committee

In accordance with the Judiciary’s EEO/AA Master Plan Assignment Judge Linda R. Feinberg appointed an EEO/AA Advisory Committee. Some of the responsibilities of the committee are as follow:

  • Review of the Judiciary EEO/AA Master Plan, Mercer Vicinage EEO/AA Implementation Plan and Mercer Vicinage Workforce Analysis.
  • Provide recommendations to the Assignment Judge regarding the Vicinage EEO/AA Program.
  • Assist the EEO/AA Officer in gathering information and developing specific programs to meet Vicinage’s EEO/AA Program objectives.
  • Serve as a resource to employees regarding questions about the EEO/AA program.

The members of the Mercer Vicinage EEO/AA Advisory Committee are:

Ivette Santiago-Green EEO/AA Officer 609 571-4804 Co-Chair
Judge Darlene Pereksta Co-Chair
Judith Irizarry Civil Div Mgr 609 571-4474
Antoinette Conners Judiciary Secretary 609 571-4453
Maria Dennis Supervisor 609 5571-4233
Gregory Eldridge Operations Mgr 609 571-4030
Audrey Jones-Butler Training Coordinator 609 571-4008
Lida Perez Administrative Specialist 609 571-4200 x-6311
John Saunders Jury Mgr 609 571-4375

Complaint Procedure and Forms

The New Jersey Supreme Court approved the EEO Complaint Manual for reporting and handling complaints of discrimination or harassment in the Judiciary on April 27, 2004. Managers and Supervisors receive training on the implementation of these procedures and a booklet titled Employee Guide on Reporting and Handling Complaints of Discrimination or Harassment in the Judiciary is distributed to each employee. Additional copies of these materials and forms can be obtained on the Judiciary Info Net or by contacting the EEO/AA Office.

EEO/AA related inquiries and requests for assistance should be forwarded to:

Ivette Santiago-Green
Mercer Vicinage EEO/AA Officer
Mercer County Courthouse
175 South Broad Street
P.O. Box 8068 , Trenton, NJ 08650-0068
Telephone: 609 571-4804, Fax: 609 571-4372

Requests for accommodation should be forwarded to the Mercer Vicinage Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator (ADA Coordinator):

Gregory Eldridge
General Operations Manager & ADA Coordinator
Mercer County Courthouse
209 South Broad Street
P.O. Box 8068 , Trenton, NJ 08650-0068
Telephone: 609 571-4029, Fax: 609 571-4035

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