Judges Assigned

Hon. Paul Innes
Hon. Paul Innes
Presiding Judge General Equity

Hon. Douglas H. Hurd, Presiding Judge
Hon. Douglas H. Hurd, Presiding Judge

Hon.  William Anklowitz
Hon. William Anklowitz
Supervising Judge Special Civil Part

Hon. Janetta D. Marbrey
Hon. Janetta D. Marbrey

Hon. F. Patrick McManimon
Hon. F. Patrick McManimon


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Mercer Civil Division

Civil Case Management Office

175 South Broad Street - 1st floor
Post Office Box 8068
Trenton, New Jersey 08650-0068

All Filings in Civil / Special Civil Part that require a fee should be mailed / delivered as indicated below:

Payment Type: Cash, Check or Money Order
Mail To: Attn: Central Filing Office

Attorney Charge Accounts, Attn: Civil Case Management

For General Equity Information "Click Here"

Schedule Information

  • Civil Motions: Alternate Fridays
  • Proofs / Friendly Hearings: By Appointment
  • Arbitration Hearings: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Special Civil Part Trial Calls - Courtroom 1B
  • Regular Special Civil Part Cases: Monday thru Thursday, 9:00 AM
  • Small Claims Cases ( SC Docket Numbers ) Friday, 1:00pm
  • Landlord / Tenancy Cases ( LT Docket Numbers ) Friday, 9:00AM
  • Special Civil Part Motions: Friday, 9:00AM ( Courtroom 1A )
  • Warrant Hearings / Habitability, Monday thru Thursday, as scheduled by the court

Civil Division Phone Numbers

    Civil Part (L-Docket Numbers)- 609-571-4200

    Fax- 609-571-4473

    Special Civil Part- 609-571-4200

Civil Division Managers

Team Leaders

    Peggy Busse- 609-571-4432

    Terrie Cook- 609-571-4456

    Theresa Jackson- 609-571-4455

    Zena Lallo- 609-571-4454

    Michelle Sebastiano- 609-571-4475

Law Division Trial Coordinator

    Katherine Stott- 609-571-4314

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