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Chapter Subject
84 Amends Vote By Mail Law with regard to messengers and bearers
100 Makes assault committed against certain persons because of their official status an aggravated assault
85 Establishes new crimes related to dog fighting
89 Makes certain reforms to the juvenle justice system
17 Enhances penalty for leaving the scene of a boating accident
22 Prohibits import, sale, purchase, barter, or possession of ivory and rhinoceros products
31 Concerns pre-trial release, pre-trial detenttion and court fees
35 Authorizes fine for failure to maintain certain vacant properties; Redefines “vacant and abandoned” for summary foreclosure purposes
180 Authorizes court to credit a person in default of a certain court-imposed financial obligations
255 Permits municipal courts to order community service in lieu of payment of penalty
206 Authorizes award of attorney's fees and expenses in certain landlord-tenant actions
202 Upgrades crime of soliciting or recruiting to join criminal street gang while on school property
200 Prohibits genital mutilation of females under 18 years of age
27 Authorizes Internet gaming
224 Regulates the operation of certain autobuses
219 Permits certain officials to possess pepper spray
205 Establishes criminal penalties for killing, injuring or interfering with a service animal or guide dog
276 Modifies rights of judgment creditor of LLC member; makes technical corrections to RULLCA
272 Creates the crime of cyber-harassment
241 Clarifies that impersonation committed by any means, including electronic communications, is a crime
237 Makes driver's license suspension discretionary for first offense of driving without motor vehicle liability insurance
231 Permits a child who moves out of a school district due to a family crisis to remain enrolled in that district
230 Establishes requirements for motor vehicle stoplights
192 Prohibits certain advertising on real property and related structures without owner's permission
171 Increases compensation for wrongful imprisonment
211 Higher Education Epinephrine Emergency Treatment Act
158 Establishes a conditional dismissal program in the municipal courts
145 Increases civil and criminal penalties involving unstamped and counterfeit cigarettes and cigarette smuggling
144 Requires home improvement contractors to display State-issued identification badge
140 Requires that certain AIDS/HIV testing be performed within 48 hours of victim request
138 Establishes crime of entering into certain restricted airport areas
137 Creates crime of threatening the life of certain animals
136 Revises statutes and enhances penalties for child pornography offenses
103 Replaces pejorative terms in statutes referring to mental capacity
128 Revises the Self-Service Storage Facility Act
129 Provides exemptions to restriction on vehicle spot lamps
135 Exempts certain persons from all-terrain vehicle use restrictions
117 Provides 180-day window to dispose of certain unlawfully possessed firearms
114 Disqualifies person on federal Terrorist Watchlist from obtaining firearms purchase credentials
109 Declares violence a public health crisis and establishes Study Commission on Violence
111 The "Anti-Gun Trafficking Act of 2013"
113 Upgrades certain unlawful possession of firearms to first degree crime; revises certain “Graves Act” penalties
108 Upgrades penalty for transferring a firearm to an underage person
88 Increases criminal and civil penalties for certain animal cruelty offenses
86 Increases the fine for failure to keep right on roadways
80 Prohibits discrimination against a certain prospective organ transplant recipients
82 Creates the NJ SAFE Act to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
72 Revises the law regarding the enforceability of premarital and pre-civil union agreements
70 Enhances penalties for talking or texting on a hand-held device while driving
65 Revises New Jersey Uniform Commercial Code
58 Creates new offenses regarding theft of cargo carriers
55 Clarifies trustee's discretionary authority concerning income tax liability
46 Opioid Antidote and Overdose Protection Act
51 The "Human Trafficking Prevention, Protection, and Treatment Act"
43 Revises certain provisions of the farmland assessment law
42 Revises law concerning derivative proceedings and shareholder class actions
41 Allows corporate shareholder meeting participation by remote communication and clarifies remedies for dissenting shareholders
40 Allows certain business combinations between resident domestic corporations and interested stockholders
35 Prohibits the manufacture, sale and possession of synthetic marijuana
34 Exempts certain beach bars from noise control standards
15 Establishes real property assessment demonstration program
21 Authorizes certain sheriffs to appoint special law enforcement officers to perform court security duties
7 Concerns child custody and parenting time arrangements related to certain military absences
79 Electronic Waste Management Act
75 Prohibits requirement to disclose personal information for certain electronic communications devices by institutions of higher education
69 Provides protections for individuals with developmental disabilities residing in community care residences
68 Provides immunity to institutions of higher education for certain food donations
67 Concerns medical claims for work-related injuries and illnesses; jurisdiction
70 Authorizes summary action for the foreclosure of vacant and abandoned residential property
36 New Jersey Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
28 Prohibits first responders from photographing or disclosing photographs of certain persons
27 Enhances crime victim's rights
23 Expands "drug court" program
22 Establishes violation of hands-free cell phone law as reckless under vehicular homicide law
20 Concerns school buses transporting developmentally disabled persons
19 Withholding of property tax refunds to ensure site remediation
17 Reorganizes and renames Department of Health and Senior Services
16 Reorganizes Department of Children and Familiesr
6 Provides immunity to certain persons and entities which provide or use a defibrillator
152 Requires posting of motor fuel prices for both cash and credit card customers
218 Clarifies and extends law concerning labeling of farm products; Civil Penalty
183 Permits limited pharmacy sales of syringes
213 Authorizes court to include provisions for animals in domestic violence orders
212 Prohibits manufacture or sale of reflective glass beads with high arsenic content; Civil Penalty
209 Upgrades offenses related to the unauthorized practice of law; creates civil action
195 Promotes diversion of juveniles charged with prostitution; creates affirmative defense
181 Expands jurisdiction of central municipal court
179 Authorizes marriage and entry into a civil union by proxy for certain military personnel
159 Saltwater fishing registry violations
161 The "New Jersey Trade Secrets Act."
174 Caylee's Law. Upgrades penalties for failing to report a death; criminalizes failure to report the disappearance of a child
112-63 Federal Courts Jurisdiction and Venue Clarification Act of 2011 - Federal Law
146 Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prevention Act
138 Imposes bail restrictions on certain domestic violence offenders.
112 Federal "Removal Clarification Act of 2011"
104 Expands DNA database to include samples from arrestees of certain violent crimes
115 Repeals obsolete statutes regarding the status of women
120 Criminalizes possession and sale of bath salts
78 & 79 Revises public employee pension and health care benefits
88 Provides for annual adjustments for employees'
72 Disqualifies member of board of education for conviction of certain crimes
77 Enhances penalty for killing police dog
70 Requires public officers and employees to live in the state
66 Revises the law regarding motor vehicle franchises
59 & 60 Revises certain business-related tax calculations
52 Requires training on enrollment in state-administered pension systems
41 Requires helmets for downhill skiing
44 Modifies DOROA procedures
40 Prohibits certain statements in job advertisements
13 Description: Establishes new motorcycle safety requirements
1 Concerns lost or stolen electronic vehicle identification transponders
3 Authorizes the display of flashing amber warning lights on certain sanitation vehicles
5 Prohibits use of wireless communication devices by operators of public transportation
8 Establishes penalty for boat permit violations on Greenwood Lake
11 Concerns priority of claims involving PIP benefits
122 The "Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights"
119 Revises the Construction Lien Law
109 Upgrades penalties for assaulting certain health care professionals
111-148 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
3 Makes various changes to public service sick leave and disability benefits
2 Makes various changes to the state health benefits plan (SHBP)
1 Makes various changes to state's public pensions systems
196 Permits nonpartisan municipal elections to be held on same day as general elections
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