State Grand Jury Selection

Selection Reporting Information

Thursday, July 20, 2017



Jurors from panel SGJ#706 must report as scheduled:  

We strongly encourage you to check this message or call (609)571-4040 before leaving for the Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex

on your selection day.  This site will provide information as to whether the empanelling process will proceed as scheduled and

list any closing or delay due to inclement weather in any part of the state or any other emergent  situation.  Please note that such

conditions may be exclusive to Trenton.  Any changes to reporting time will be recorded here by 7:00 A.M.



What you can expect following your arrival at the Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex in Trenton, N.J. You will be required to go through a security screening procedure in order

to enter the Hughes Justice Complex and will be required to show a photo ID at that time. After passing through the security checkpoint, you are to proceed to State Grand Jury

check-in on the 4th floor in the Complex's North Wing. Check-in starts at 10:00 AM. Empanelling begins promptly at 11:00 AM and is usually finished by 2:00 PM. If you are

selected as a juror, you will need to stay for an additional one hour orientation.

There is a cafeteria (selling hot and cold food and drinks) and a newsstand where snacks can be purchased - both on the first floor to the right of the North Wing escalators.

Vending machines with soft drinks and a variety of snacks are located outside of the main lobby on the P1 (ground) level-through the doors below the escalators.

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