Monmouth County Superior Court Juror Call Off Information

Message to Jurors Regarding Courthouse Security

For public safety reasons, all persons, including jurors, are screened when entering the Courthouse. Chemical agents, pepper sprays, or anything resembling a weapon will not be permitted into the Courthouse - for the safety of the public. Additionally, cell phones with camera capability are not permitted in the courthouse and should be left home or safely locked in your vehicle. As you prepare to report for juror service, please be aware of the following:

  • All metal objects will activate the metal detector. This includes coins, keys, pocket knives, cell phones, cigarette packs, foil wrappers and large belt buckles. Please be prepared to remove these items and place them in the trays provided before passing through the metal detector. Additionally, steel toe shoes should not be worn.
  • If the metal detector is activated as you pass through, you will be screened by an officer using a hand-held metal detector.
  • Purses and other carried items, such as brief cases and backpacks will be x-rayed. You will be asked to return any knives, scissors, pepper spray, and other potential weapons to your vehicle or a location away from the courthouse grounds. Any illegal items will be confiscated.
  • The fewer metal items you are carrying, the faster you will pass through this area.
  • You must bring your Juror Badge and a form of photo identification.
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