Monmouth County Superior Court Juror Call Off Information: General Juror Information

Listed below are procedures to make your juror experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Please read and follow carefully. If you have any questions, call 732-677-4200.

ALL JURORS -- Qualification Procedures

If you checked an answer in the red box on the juror qualification questionnaire (questions 1 - 6), YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REPORT AS SUMMONED UNLESS CONTACTED BY THE COURT. All requests to be excused must be in writing and received at least 10 days prior to your reporting date. Medical excuse requests must be accompanied by a doctor's note. Unless we have notified you in writing that your request to be excused was granted, you must report on the date summoned and at the stated time. Please notify Jury Management, prior to your reporting date, of disability accommodation needs by calling 732-677-4200 or the number for the hearing impaired 732-431-2847.


If you are ELIGIBLE based on your answers to the juror qualification questionnaire, click on the "Reporting Message" found in the menu after 6 PM the day before you are scheduled to report. Instructions will refer to your juror number (located on the juror badge portion of your summons) and provide reporting information. The term of service is one trial or two days. If you are in the jury selection process at the end of your second day of service or it you have been selected for a trial, you will serve until completion of the process or the duration of that trial. If you are not involved in a jury selection at the end of your second day, you will be dismissed provided there are no unexpected trial demands for jurors. If you are not required to report on your summons date, resume your normal schedule for that day and check here again after 6 PM for instruction for the next day.


Report on the date summoned, at the time stated on your summons. The term of grand juror service, if selected to sit as a grand juror, is one day each week for 18 weeks.


You will be notified later of your reporting date, time and location.

You must bring:

Juror badge

A form of picture identification

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