Monmouth County Superior Court Juror Call Off Information: Jury Information Desk

Juror's Conduct During Service

It is very important that you faithfully obey the following rules of conduct your period of service as a juror in Monmouth County.

  1. Be on time - to the assembly room and to the courtroom.
  2. Give your undivided attention to the evidence presented in court and to the proceedings of the trial.
  3. Do not discuss the case, evidence or trial proceedings with anyone, nor permit another to talk to you about these matters. If there is an attempt to engage you in such discussion, whether innocently or purposely, report the incident immediately to the trial judge.
  4. Since the attorneys that you may encounter in the courthouse or its vicinity may participate in a trial in which you are involved as a juror, you should not talk to them during your service as a juror.
  5. Do not discuss the evidence or trial proceedings with your fellow jurors prior to deliberation in the jury room at the close of the trial.
  6. Do not undertake a personal investigation of a case on which you are serving as a juror, either by visiting the scene of the incident or by talking to the parties, their attorneys, or witnesses. If it is necessary for you to visit the scene, the judge will make arrangements for all jury members to do so.
  7. Let your verdict be impartial and free from passion, prejudice, sympathy, or any unjust influence.
  8. Be faithful to the trust committed to you, remembering the full measure of your responsibility and the solemnity of the oath which will be administered to you at the trial in which you serve. As members of the jury, you are entitled at any time, even during deliberations, to request instructions from the judge concerning your duties.

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