Hunterdon County Superior Court Juror Call Off Information: Jurors' Frequently Asked Questions

How are names chosen for Jury Service?

Names of prospective jurors are randomly selected from lists of licensed drivers, registered voters, and filers of New Jersey gross income tax returns and filers of homestead rebate applications.

What are the qualifications needed to be a juror?

Jurors must reside in the county to which they are summoned, be citizens of the United States, be at least 18 years of age, read and understand the English language, and have never pled guilty to or been convicted of an indictable offense.

What are the different types of juror service for which I may be summoned and how do they differ from one another?

You may be summoned for any of three types of jury service: as a Petit Juror, a Grand Juror, or a State Grand Juror. Each type of service is described briefly below.

Petit Jurors -- This is the most common type of juror service. Petit jurors hear evidence in either a criminal or a civil trial and render a verdict. Petit jurors serve for one week or for the duration of one trial, which may extend beyond one week. Jurors are comprised of either twelve or six members. Petit jurors are only required to report on an as-needed basis and must call the number for the recorded message or check the website each evening to obtain instructions on whether to report.

Grand Jurors - A grand jury hears evidence against persons accused of crimes and makes determinations, based on the evidence presented, as to whether the person charged shall be required to face criminal charges. A grand jury consists of twenty-three members. If selected, you will serve one day per week for approximately 16 weeks.

State Grand Jurors - A State grand jury performs the same function as a grand jury but represents the twenty-one New Jersey counties rather than a single county. The State grand jury has statewide jurisdiction. State grand jurors receive a qualification questionnaire from the Hunterdon County Jury Management Office but selection and service will take place in Trenton . If you are selected to report to Trenton , you will be notified of your reporting date at a later time and will receive further instructions.

Is there an upper age limit?

There is no upper age limit. However prospective jurors who are age 75 or older may request to be excused if they believe jury service would present a hardship. No medical verification is required.

I will be on a vacation/business trip when I have been summoned for jury service. Can I serve at another time?

Yes. Jurors may request to have their service rescheduled when completing the qualification questionnaire, stating the reason for the request on that form. Jurors will be notified if their request has been granted and sent another questionnaire six weeks before their new service date. A request to be rescheduled will be granted unless there is a medical or family emergency.

Can I be excused for medical reasons?

Yes. You can request to be excused for a medical hardship but you must provide a doctor's note with your completed qualification questionnaire.

Can my spouse appear for service in my place?

No. Selection is random and only the person summoned may serve.

Is there an excuse available for child care?

Yes. You may request to be excused for a child care hardship but the statute requires that you have care and custody of the minor child and that alternative care not be available.

Is there an excuse available for college students?

College students may request to have their service rescheduled to a time when school is not in session.

Is there an excuse based on frequency of service?

If you have served as a juror in this county within the past three years you may request to be excused.

How will I be notified of emergency court closings?

For information regarding closings or delayed openings at the Hunterdon Justice Center call the juror recording (908-237-5860), tune into radio stations WPST 97.5 FM, WHWN 1350AM, or NEW JERSEY RADIO 101.5 FM, or access the judiciary's website at

Will I receive payment for my jury service?

Petit Jurors
Jurors will receive $5.00 per day of service for the first three days and $40 per day for the 4 th day and each day thereafter. Checks are processed every Friday and you will receive your check within 3 weeks of service. If you serve beyond a week, you will receive more than one check. If your employer requires proof of attendance, an attendance letter will be provided at the completion of service.

Grand Jurors
Grand jurors will receive $5.00 for each day of service. One check will be received at the completion of service. If your employer requires proof of attendance an attendance letter will be provided at the completion of service.

Jurors employed in a full time capacity by the State of New Jersey, a County, municipality or any agency or instrumentality of the State, including universities and public schools, receive their usual compensation during juror service and will not receive daily fees.

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