Hudson County Superior Court Juror Call Off Information: Reporting Information

Listed below are procedures to make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Please read and follow carefully. If you have any questions, call: 201-795-6692 or click on the General Juror Information link.


If you checked an answer in the red box (questions 1-6), you are NOT ELIGIBLE AND SHOULD NOT APPEAR OR CALL UNLESS CONTACTED BY THE COURT. Those requesting a hardship excuse or a postponement from service must provide supporting documentation with the questionnaire and return it to the Jury Management Office at least 15 days in advance of their reporting date. A doctor's note must accompany a request for a medical excuse. All decisions are made in writing. If you do not receive a letter concerning your request or your request has been denied, you must follow the reporting instructions. Please notify Jury Management, prior to your reporting date, of disability accommodation needs. Call 201-795-6696 or the TTY# 201-217-5404. 

All reporting petit and grand jurors must check in with the Jury Management staff in Room 400 or Room 412 of the Administration Building , 595 Newark Avenue , Jersey City.


YOU MUST CLICK on the "Reporting Message" link above after 5:00 P.M. on the evening before you are summoned to report. If you are not required to report, resume your normal activities for that day and check the "Reporting Message' again after 5:00 p.m. for your reporting instructions for the following day. The term of service is for the duration of one trial or two days. If you are selected for a trial, you must serve for the length of that trial. If you have not been selected or you are not in the juror selection process by the end of your second day, you will generally be dismissed.


Report on the date and time shown on your summons. If selected, you will have to serve 1 day a week for 11 weeks.


If selected to serve, you will be notified of the reporting date. State grand juror serve one day a week for a period of 20 weeks.

Directions (not for State Grand Jurors)

From the Newark area:

  1. Take Routes 1 & 9 North (Pulaski Skyway; do not use Routes 1 & 9 for trucks) into Jersey City .
  2. Take the exit for the George Washington Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel. At the traffic light at the end of the ramp turn right onto Tonnele Ave.
  3. From Tonnele Ave. , turn left onto Newark Ave. (4 blocks down).
  4. Follow Newark Ave. to a 3-way intersection with Summit and Hoboken Aves. Bear slightly to the right to stay on Newark Ave. (do not turn to the extreme right, which would be onto Summit Ave.).
  5. The Admin Bldg. is on the right, approximately one block past the 3-way intersection.

From Routes 1 & 9 Southbound:

  1. Take Routes 1 & 9 South to the Tonnele Traffic Circle .
  2. At the circle, follow the sign that reads "Park/Ride - Journal Sq." this exit is for Tonnele Ave. Then proceed as in Step 3 above.

From the N.J. Turnpike:

  1. Take Exit 14C and use the Columbus Dr. turnoff.
  2. Coming off the ramp, follow the sign for Montgomery St. Turn left onto Montgomery St. (approximately 2 blocks down).
  3. From Montgomery St. , turn right onto Baldwin Ave. (approximately 6 blocks down).
  4. From Baldwin Ave. , turn left onto Newark Ave. (approximately 10 blocks down). The Admin Bldg. is on the left.

From PATH Station:

  1. PATH Station is between Kennedy Blvd. and Summit Ave. Take Summit Ave. (rear of station) and proceed to the north.
  2. From Summit Ave. , turn right at Pavonia Ave. (1 block from station).
  3. From Central Ave. turn right onto Newark Ave. The Admin Bldg. is at this corner.


Jurors are encouraged to use public transportation if possible, as parking in the area is quite difficult. On-site parking is not provided . The entire area surrounding the Administration Building is designated as a Zone 2 that prohibits parking without a permit. However, parking permits for Zone 2 are provided for jurors, free of charge. This permit will be provided on the first day of your jury service. Zone 2 parking permits are available on Room 412. This parking permit will allow you to park in a Zone 2 for more than two hours without being ticketed. Zone 2 permits will not prevent you from receiving a ticket or having your vehicle booted for violating parking rules such as street cleaning rules, parking in a handicapped space or prohibited areas. In addition, this permit does not cover parking meters. All jurors must strictly adhere to local parking regulations. Parking permits Zone 2 for petit jurors are valid for two days. If you are selected to serve on a trial that extends beyond the two days, you must request a new permit. One will be provided to you for the duration of that trial . Grand Juror may request Zone 2 parking permit on their first day of service. This permit will be valid for one day. Grand jurors who are selected to serve on a panel are entitled to a permit that will be valid for the weekday assigned to them during the entire term of your service.

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