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Hudson County Superior Court

Jury Reporting Information


Message for Tuesday, August 4, 2015



Please read carefully the entire message.




Jury service is two days until 4:30pm.


Jurors postponed or rescheduled to Tuesday, August 4th must report to the 4th Floor of the Administration Building at 9:30am regardless of your group and juror number.


Jurors in Group 03 with juror number 001 through 100 must also report to 4th Floor of the Administration Building at 9:30am


Jurors on trial or in the midst of jury selection with Judge (s) must follow the Judge's instructions regarding when they are to return to the courthouse.


Jurors in Group 03 with Juror number 101 through 500 and Group 14 do not have to report and should resume their normal activities but must call the messaging system on Tuesday after 5:00pm for your reporting instructions for Wednesday.


All jurors who reported on Monday, your jury service is finished.





*Please note:  Jurors may enter the building through the main entrance on Newark Avenue or the side entrance on Central Avenue.

In the event of inclement weather, jurors should call 201- 795-6706; or tune into FM 101.5 or access www.judiciary.state.nj.us/closings.htm to check for closings and cancellations at Hudson County facilities.

The building is in a restricted parking zone. If you do not have a Zone 2 Permit, please read all the signs to avoid parking tickets and park in a legitimate space on the streets in the area. After checking in, request a Zone 2 permit.  The permit does not cover parking meters nor does it cover the area of Hoboken Avenue between Baldwin and Central Avenues.  Zone 2 parking permits will not prevent you from receiving a ticket or having your vehicle being booted for violating parking regulations, such as street cleaning.  You will be given instructions and time to place the permit in your car.

Please note that parking lots are privately owned and will require that you pay a daily fee.  The courts do not reimburse for incurred fees.
Jurors must wear clothing appropriate for a court appearance.  Uniforms or clothing displaying statements or offensive symbols are not permitted.

For your convenience Wireless Internet is available for personal laptops.

If you have any questions regarding your jury service, please call our office Monday through Friday at 201-795-6691 between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Thank you for your cooperation