Hudson County Superior Court Juror Call Off Information: Amenities

  • A cafeteria is located on the ground floor of the courthouse.
  • Vending machines offering cold drinks and snacks are located in, or near, the Jury Assembly Room.
  • A microwave is available for juror use.
  • Wireless Internet access is available for jurors who bring their laptops.
  • There are books and magazines available for jurors to read.
  • Public telephones are available in the Jury Assembly Room.
  • Television is available for juror viewing. Some movies are available as well.
  • Some games and puzzles are available for use by jurors.
  • In the Jury Assembly Room, jurors will find a list of eating establishments that are located in the area near the courthouse. .
  • Jurors are invited to visit the Brennan Courthouse -- a historic landmark located at 583 Newark Avenue. For more information, please visit
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