Essex County Superior Court Juror Call Off Information: Reporting Information

Listed below are procedures to make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. Please read carefully. If you have any questions, call 973-776-9300 EXT. 56887.


  • Essex County residency
  • US citizenship
  • Age 18 or older
  • Be able to perform the functions of a juror
  • Not have been convicted of an indictable offense
  • Be able to read and understand English


Sheriff personnel screen all persons, including jurors, when entering the court complex. To expedite this process, please observe the following:

  • Wear your JUROR badge at all times;
  • Be prepared to remove all metal objects including keys, coins, cell phones, cigarette packs, foil wrappers and large buckles.
  • If the metal detector activates as you pass through, you will be screened with a hand-held metal detector.
  • Purses and other carried items such as brief cases and backpacks will be x-rayed.
  • Leave pocketknives, scissors, pepper spray, glass bottles and containers etc. at home or in your vehicle. All potential weapons will be confiscated.
  • Cameras and recording devices are prohibited.
  • You will pass through this area faster if you have fewer metal items on your person.


Parking is located in a secured public parking lot located on South Orange Avenue. Jurors must bring their parking ticket to the 1st floor for validation to avoid the $10.00 parking fee. Validations must be made before 4:30 p.m.


All jurors assigned to Court will be announced by name over the loud speaker. The announcements can only be heard on the 1 st floor. Please have your BADGE scanned by jury staff each time you return from a courtroom. Once you become a sworn juror, hearing testimony on a trial, your attendance will be recorded by courtroom staff, and you will no longer need to scan in with jury management.


Please inform jury staff if you are a full-time employee of any agency, independent authority, instrumentality or entity of the state, or of any political subdivision of the state. This includes, but is not limited to, municipal employees, public school teachers, members of the Board of Education, NJ Transit employees, etc. You will not receive payment for jury service, since you are entitled to your usual compensation when serving as a juror, but you will receive an attendance letter upon request.


Cell phones may be used in the following areas: juror coffee lounge, computer lounge, and assembly room C.


For convenience, wireless Internet access is available to jurors in the computer lounge.

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