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    Jury Reporting Information

  • Monday, June 26, 2017 @ 9:15am



                                 This call off message does not pertain to jurors who were previously postponed or who previously failed to appear. 

                                                                                       Jurors in Group 15 with juror numbers 0001-0184.

                                                   Your 2 days of service have been canceled.    All other jurors must report as summoned.



                                                                                                 Thank  You






  • Please Note: 
  • If the court schedule changes due to inclement weather,
  • please verify reporting time by checking www.judiciary.state.nj.us/juryreporting or by calling  (973)776-9300 ext. 50815 or (973)776-9300, for an updated message regarding delays or closures.  The message is updated daily by 7:30 am.




    Also please note, term of service is for one trial or two days. If you are in the jury selection process at the end of your second day, or if you have been selected for a trial, you are required to serve until completion of the process. If you are not involved in the jury selection process you will generally be dismissed by 4:00 pm. Thank you.



  • In the event of inclement weather

  • Petit jurors on cases should call 973 776-9300 EXT. 50815 or visit www.judiciary.state.nj.us  to check for closings and cancellations at Essex court facilities.

  • Grand jurors should call 973 776-9300 EXT. 50816 to check for closings and cancellations.

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