Cape May County Superior Court

Jury Reporting Information

Your group number is located on your summons above the enlarged word "JUROR".

These instructions take precedence over any text or mail messages you may receive.
In the event of inclement weather, please check this site after 7:30 am to verify reporting times. You may also call 463-6451 for reporting times.


Petit Jurors Scheduled for the Week of May 30, 2017

The Judiciary will NOT require your service - therefore your service is complete.

 You will not be eligible to serve as a juror until the year 2020.

Thank You!



If you validly checked an answer in the red box (questions 1-6) and explained your reasons on the form, supplying documentation as necessary, you should not report unless notified by the court. Those who requested an excuse based on grounds of severe hardship will be advised before the reporting date if that request is denied. A doctor's note must accompany a request for a medical excuse.

Petit jury service is for one trial - that could last one to three weeks. If you are selected for a trial, you must remain for the duration of the trial and must return to the Courthouse until that trial is completed. If you are not selected to serve on a trial by the end of the selection process, you will be dismissed and not eligible to serve in Cape May County for 3 years.

Reporting Jurors: Reporting jurors must report to the Jury Assembly Room located on the First Floor - at the time listed above.  It is anticipated that jury selection will continue throughout the day, please be prepared to stay.  For public safety reasons, all persons will be screened when entering the courthouse.  Should you have questions or problems, you may reach us at 609-463-6651 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM or email us at

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Parking: There are 2 parking lots assigned for Juror Parking, with the first located off of East Mechanic Street, directly behind the Doctors Inn.  There is a pedestrian walkway to Route 9 and the front entrance to the Courthouse Building.  The second lot is located off of North Boyd Street behind the Library Building.

Please click here for Driving Directions.

The largest parking is located off of East Mechanic Street, between the Garden State Parkway and Route 9. The lot entrance is located directly behind the Doctor's Inn . There is a pedestrian walkway in the middle of the lot that leads from the parking lot, across Route 9 to the courthouse. There is a second, smaller lot available. This lot is located off North Boyd Street directly behind the Library Building.  Approach the black and white parking gate, press and release the button and announce that you are here for Jury Duty.


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