Bergen County Superior Court Juror Call Off Information: Amenities

The Bergen County Superior Court - Jury Management Office is located at 10 Main Street in Hackensack, Room 404.

The Judiciary prides itself in providing excellent customer service by treating all jurors respectfully, courteously and professionally. Jury service is an important duty of citizenship and fundamental to our system of justice. The Judiciary provides the amenities shown below in order to make your service more comfortable:

  • Coffee and tea are provided without charge.
  • The café is located on the 3rd floor for your convenience.
  • Free reading material is available (i.e. books and magazines).
  • Lunchtime is typically 12:30-1:30 unless you are in a judge's courtroom.
  • A listing of restaurants within walking distance is on display in the jury assembly room.
  • Free wireless internet is available for those who bring their own laptops.
  • Television is available for jurors.
  • A quiet room for reading or working is located in the jury assembly room.
  • Public phones are located outside the jury room.
  • Free parking is available adjacent to the building (Court Street). Your parking ticket will be validated, so please bring it with you.
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