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A message from Glenn A. Grant, acting administrative director of the courts.

I recently had the privilege and honor to administer the Oath of Citizenship and Allegiance to twenty-eight foreign-born residents from sixteen different nations during a ceremony at the Olde Burlington County Courthouse in Mount Holly.

I told these 28 newly-minted American citizens that they are now part of the “American Mosaic.” I noted that America’s readiness to embrace diversity has long been and continues to be one of this country’s greatest strengths. 

Becoming part of this mosaic will require these new citizens to perform works of national importance – such as raising their children to lead productive lives, being an informed voter and voting on a regular basis, being hardworking and productive members of America’s workforce, and joining with their neighbors to maintain clean and safe communities.  Performing these acts of national importance contributes to society and in so doing reinforces on a daily basis the strength and the vitality of the mosaic.

This “American Mosaic” also is reflected in courthouses throughout New Jersey, where our culturally and ethnically diverse Judiciary staff with ancestral roots reaching around the world work every day to ensure public trust and confidence in the court system.  The applicability of this “mosaic” metaphor to our Judiciary is both appropriate and extremely important. 

Like the “American Mosaic” I spoke of in Burlington County, our Judiciary is comprised of many different pieces, pieces of different color, of different shape, of different culture, of different background.  Together they form a mosaic of people from many backgrounds and many cultures working together and dedicated to delivering justice. 

Throughout the year, many of our courthouses host festivals to highlight and celebrate the Judiciary’s cultural and ethnic diversity and to learn and share each other’s customs and traditions through story-telling, song, dance, clothing, artwork and food.   Those celebrations of diversity illustrate the vibrancy of the American Mosaic.  They are another testament to diversity as the strength and the essence of our society.  

That diversity is the strength and essence of our Judiciary as well.  We may be of different backgrounds, different languages, different clothing, different cultures.  But we are one Judiciary, striving daily to resolve disputes fairly and justly and with quality service to the public..

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