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A message from Glenn A. Grant, acting administrative director of the courts.

During this economic crisis that continues to grip our state and the nation, the Judiciary as an institution must continually explore ways to cut costs and create efficiencies.

In the last fiscal year, we implemented almost $1 million in cost saving ideas. Many of the cost cutting ideas and savings were submitted by staff and judges. We are continuing to seek new ideas to innovate and save money while preserving our mission: to provide equal access to a fair and effective system of justice.

The economic realities of the times and technological advancements have enabled us to develop new ways of doing business and communicating information to the public and to staff.

For example, RSS feeds enable court users to receive the latest information issued by the courts, including Supreme Court opinions, notices to the bar, and press releases.  We also have a presence on the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

A major component of our electronic outreach efforts is “Court Clips,” a series of short video clips that informs court users about court programs and services.  “Court Clips” can be found on the Judiciary’s Web site, judiciary.state.nj.us, and on YouTube.

Another innovation the Judiciary has undertaken to save money and to preserve natural resources allows employees to access their paystubs online instead of receiving a paper copy.
“Pay Stub on the Web” enables employees to access their paystub information via a secure Internet connection at portal.nj.gov, but they first must create an account. This capability is available to any judge or employee whose paycheck is on direct deposit.

The program has the potential to save a lot of money. A total of 2,078 of the Judiciary’s 9,530 employees use “Pay Stub on the Web,” while 8,351 Judiciary employees have direct deposit.
A significant increase in the utilization of paystubs on the Web will not only reduce paper cost but will decrease the time and cost of personal delivery of individual paystubs.

We encourage staff to utilize both direct deposit and electronic paystubs as part of our effort to reduce our environmental footprint. I will discuss other aspects our initiative to “go green” in future editions of JT Briefing.

During these challenging economic times, we must continuously look for ways to reduce costs and generate greater efficiencies.  The expanded use of these programs allows us to accomplish these goals while being friendlier to our environment.





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