Judiciary Electronic Filing System (JEFIS)

JEFIS is the Judiciary’s electronic filing and imaging system. It allows participating attorneys to file documents with the New Jersey courts electronically through the Internet. Implementation of electronic filing with the courts is being developed one docket type at at time. As electronic filing becomes available for different docket types, they will be added to the list below. Currently, JEFIS can only be used to file documents pertaining to the following case types:

  • Special Civil Part cases with DC docket numbers*
  • Foreclosure Actions

*Please note that electronic filing for DC JEFIS is mandatory for certain attorneys/law firms. Please click on JEFIS Information for Special Civil Part Case Filings below to review the Supreme Court Order.

JEFIS is designed to streamline court processes and further the creation of a paperless court in the State of New Jersey. Attorneys who participate in the JEFIS program gain additional benefits:

  • Reduced postal fees and paper expenditures related to filing court documents
  • Faster response time in processing documents by court staff
  • Free access to the Automated Case Management System—Public Access (ACMS-PA) application
  • Access to JEFIS electronic case jackets
  • Electronic access to collateral accounts


The Superior Court Clerk’s Office serves as the administrator of the JEFIS registration process.

Information relating to the JEFIS program for both Special Civil Part case filings and Foreclosure case filings is available for viewing and downloading from this website. For instructions and materials on registering for the JEFIS program, click on the Registration link below. Informational materials necessary for using and implementing the JEFIS system for each docket type, including user manuals, technical specifications, and court rules/orders related to JEFIS implementation can be found by clicking on the link pertaining to each docket type below.

  • JEFIS Registration
  • JEFIS Information for Special Civil Part DC
  • JEFIS Information for Foreclosure Actions
  • JEFIS UPDATES —  Effective immediately, all foreclosure pleadings, motions, and other documents being filed by attorneys who are registered to use the Judiciary Electronic Filing and Imaging System (JEFIS) must be submitted electronically through JEFIS. Attorneys not currently registered with JEFIS and self-represented litigants must submit all such documents on paper to the Superior Court Clerk’s Office , P.O. Box 971, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0971. Foreclosure pleadings, motions, and other documents no longer may be filed on paper in the county of venue. For more information:
    Click here for Notice to the Bar
    Click here to access the courtesy copy Judicial Preferences List



For questions concerning the registration process or information contained in the Attorney Manual, please contact (609) 421-6100.  For technical problems, contact the New Jersey Judiciary Problem Reporting Desk at (609) 633-2275 or (800) 343-7002 .

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