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Information Technology

The Teleprocessing Network Management Group is responsible

  • The design, planning, implementation and support of the Judiciary wide area network. This is a state-wide data communications network supporting all court locations, including the municipal courts. There are more than 700 locations online, with terminals and printers numbering in the thousands.
  • The planning, implementation and support of network-related hardware and software for all locations throughout the state, and their integration into the wide area network. This includes network-related hardware and software operating on the Judiciary's mainframe computers, as well as various network operating systems and associated hardware platforms for local area networks.
  • The planning, implementation and second level support of all Judiciary local area networks.
  • The planning, implementation and support of a disaster recovery plan to restore network services in the event of a disaster.
  • The establishment of standards concerning network operating systems and the distribution of these standards to local support personnel.
  • The technical review of all requisitions related to 3270 equipment, networking, cabling, and network operating system hardware and software for the vicinages.
  • Training of local support personnel in network operating systems.
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