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Technical Services/Systems Programming

The Technical Services Group provides the following services to the Information Technology Office and the Administrative Office of the

  • Designs and recommends to ITO Management a computer configuration (mainframe hardware and system software) for the computerization of the courts utilizing multiple loosely-coupled large-scale mainframe computers and state of the art Direct Access Storage Devices (DASD).

    Effective management of information resources requires that adequate advanced planning be done to ensure that service level goals can be met on a convenient, cost-effective and timely basis. The object of capacity management is to help manage the information resource by anticipating future equipment needs, and avoiding degradation of computer services, which results in user dissatisfaction.

    Each year, the Technical Services Group does a mainframe CPU utilization, and a Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) forecast two years into the future to be sure their will be adequate resources available.

  • Installs the IBM OS/390 Operation System software and up to 55 interrelated systems software packages in a technical environment encompassing the latest generation of computers and DASD.

    OS/390 is a mature yet evolving operating system for IBM's large-scale processors. The OS/390 Operating System controls the CPU Processors, the channels connected to devices such as disk controller, terminals, storage, I/O devices, and files on the DASD.

  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of the mainframe computer hardware and systems software and initiate action for improvement.

    The Technical Services Group on a daily basis monitor's both the mainframe hardware using Omegamon Software and RMF Monitor III to check for bottlenecks in CPU usage, DASD usage, and storage utilization.

    The Technical Services Group also uses storage-control and storageguard to monitor DASD usage and performance.

    The Technical Services Group installs over 55 software products and manages about one thousand parameters for those software products. They are on-call seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty five day a year to support the Judiciary Data Center.

  • Implements recovery measures for the Data Center in case of disaster or mainframe hardware or software failure.

    The Technical Services Group schedules daily backups of data to tape and schedules them for offsite storage. We also take requests for DASD space from users and find the best volume to place it on.

    The Technical Services Group has developed a detailed disaster recovery plan, and tests this plan about four time a year.

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